HER BROKEN SOUL 3: Living in a loveless marriage

Husband man continued to punish his first wife so that she would leave and he would enjoy his marriage with his new wife.

He resorted to verbal, physical and psychological abuse all to no avail. His first wife intensified her prayers. She swore that no strange woman would take her place in her home.

She kept praying for her husband to come to his senses. She added fasting and going to prayer camps to the mix but the abuse continued.

While she kept holding on to him so as not to lose her status as wife, he kept punishing her and their children. He withdrew the twins from the private school they attended close to their house and sent them to a public school to continue their education.

Husband man would be appeased like a god before wife number one and her kids could eat.

Sometimes, he would tell them that the day hunger would kill them, they would leave his house for good.

But these children were seething with anger at how things have been at home. They were desperate to confront their father and put him in his place but their mum kept begging them to join her in prayers that it was a spiritual attack.

First wife didn’t want to leave her marriage

But things came to a head when their first daughter gained admission into the University. Daddy refused to take up responsibility for her school fees because she was dating someone whom she planned to marry. He said she should tell her fiance to pay her school fees.

Things became messy. Anger and resentment became the order of the day at home. There was no peace. There was no joy. It was fighting, screaming and tears on a daily basis. But husband man stood his ground. He said he won’t see another man’s wife through the University.

Sad and dejected, first daughter approached her fiance and told him everything. He also refused to help her out with money to register her courses in the University and time was going. It became a battle of egos with baby girl caught in the middle.

First daughter approached her uncle, her mother’s elder brother for help. He also turned her down. He reminded her that it was her father’s responsibility to see her through school and not his. Uncle was also angry at the behaviour of husband man and didn’t hide his displeasure.

Two weeks to the deadline for registration of courses at school, first daughter approached her fiance again with tears. She had been looking for admission for two years and she won’t let this opportunity slide. She reminded him of the love they professed for each other and how his actions were hurting her.

Thankfully, he listened. He wiped he tears, took her to the bank and withdrew the amount she needed to register her courses and gave it to her. That was one good thing to brighten up the gloomy life she had been living since her father married his new wife.

After registering her courses at school, first daughter faced another challenge. She couldn’t afford hostel accommodation. There was no money for that. Her fiance couldn’t afford that because he was still struggling to find his feet.

She decided to start going for lectures from home but her father wanted her out of his house. He said since she was old enough to have gotten herself a man who could pay her school fees, she should leave his house. He told her to either get him to come marry her properly or move in with him and get lost because she was challenging him.

First daughter thought it was a joke until he started locking her out. I don’t know how he found out that out of change he gives to his first wife for feeding, she still squeezes out something for their daughter to transport herself to school everyday. He not only beat her for it, he stopped giving them feeding money.

First wife cried some more. She went to church to report him to their Pastor. They sent for him but he didn’t show.

He told her that she can report to anybody she wants to but she must leave his house dead or alive. He told her their marriage was over and she should leave in peace.

But wife number one kept insisting that she was his only wife and that his second wife was a strange woman.

She maintained her position at home despite the beatings, injuries and insults she receives daily. She said it was a sin to leave one’s marriage.

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