Francis Van-Lare mocks his estranged wife Amara Nwosu for trying to take his house

Since the news broke that Francis Van-Lare and his wife of two years, Amara Blessing Nwosu are heading to divorce ville, Van-Lare has been dropping jibes at his ex wife on Facebook.

At one time, he insinuated that Amara and her kids physically assaulted him in his own house. At another time, he claimed that she married his for papers and not for love.

Recently, Francis Van-Lare shared on Facebook that Amara’s plan to take his house as part of the divorce settlement has failed.

Below are some of his posts on Facebook.

“I beg make sour soup post for her page that she needs money to find a place and advise her to move out . She has 200k fans if you all donate N500 Per fan she will have enough to get her own house instead of trying to collect my own after two years of marriage and want alimony of $3,000 a month . Her yeye too smell . This na person way post say she get investors to finance youth for Nigeria make them send her proposal . Why she no tell those investors to help her find house to stay?”

Francis Van-Lare continued: “Any person way know sour soup should arrange GoFundMe for her to get a place for her to stay no be my house she go collect . She want collect $500k house because she marry for two years . I go send her back to her village first make she go her papa house.”

Francis said, “She could not collect anything from her ex husband because he is in Nigeria . I grew up on the streets and was ready for her as she got surprised. If she thinks she can outsmart me , I am master of the game . All I know is no one should blame me for plan B . A woman insulting me everyday should pack if she has shame.”

In response to a question one his Facebook friend asked him, Francis Van-Lare said:


“She did not listen to her mother or siblings as I complained to her brothers here and her mother . When I told them I was going to send all her sour messages by Text and Whatsapp to then she took her mother’s phone in my presence and blocked me and ask her brothers to block me . She did not want them to see her sour side.”

Francis Van-Lare with Amara Nwosu when the going was good

Here’s another post of Francis Van-Lare mocking Amara Blessing Nwosu:

“Do not be deceived by sweet words or bible posts. The lesson I learned is go by your instinct, if she does not feel right then it is not right . Do not feel pity by their past circumstance as I did as it could be a lie .

Here is her sour vow that I was fooled with :

“At first, I disliked you and I told you I hated you. As I continued forcing myself to be your friend, I fell helplessly in love with you. I just couldn’t help not being in love with you. Even now, I can’t help it. You brought out the forgotten girl in me. You touched where nobody ever touched.

Francis, Your beautiful soul, heart, and mind inspire me to be the best person I can be. I promise to love you for eternity, respecting you, honoring you, being faithful to you, and sharing my life with you. You will forever be my king. This is my solemn vow. “

None of the last paragraph was kept after she got her papers . Uncontrollable disrespect , no honor, no love, no sex , violence and I was never her king as she felt she did me a Favour marrying me because she is a Facebook queen marrying a man with diabetes that will die in two years according to her. I will die when God says not when a woman who wants to collect my sweat by deceit says.

And the drama continues…


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6 Responses

  1. Nonnie says:

    Childish…so so.

  2. Jane says:

    The man get mouth sha.
    He’s very angry.
    But indeed why attempt to collect his property after just 2 years of marriage?
    Besides he don do papers for am nah

  3. Grace says:

    Hmmm i have nothing to say am just following up the on his plan b Shekinah,

  4. Jennifer says:

    Childish… Why the noise on Facebook. Two adults cannot settle their discord in peace without coming on social media to cry like a kid deprived of his toy. Mtcheww

    • Kate says:

      It’s even the man who has been talking since. Amara has been silent after announcing their divorce. The man just can’t stop talking.

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