Dr. Mojisola Usikalu is encouraging young women to embrace science

Dr. Mojisola Usikalu lost her father when she was six years old. Her mother took care of the family on her income as a school teacher. Her brothers also supported their mother. She was born in a small town in Southwest Nigeria.

Dr. Mojisola Usikalu became interested in science when she was in secondary school. She had a very good female physics teacher who mentored her and encouraged her to study physics.

She taught in secondary school to earn the money to complete her master’s degree. In graduate school, she developed an interest in radiation and health physics. With scholarships from TWOWS (now OWSD) to do research at the Institute of Modern Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Lanzhou, China, she earned a PhD degree at Covenant University in Ota, Nigeria.

Scientist Mojisola Usikalu

According to Dr. Mojisola Usikalu, what we give to the environment is what we get. Health and the environment are related.

Now, as Senior Lecturer in Physics at Covenant University, she researches the effects of radiation from the environment, including microwave radiation, ionizing radiation and radiation from mobile phones.

She received the Elsevier Foundation award for research on how radiation affects health, finding that exposure to microwave radiation, for example, could increase anxiety and reduce sperm counts in animals. She is also active in promoting physics in Nigeria, participating in programs to guide young women into studying university-level physics:

Many of her female students who had plans of stopping after their first degree are now considering pursuing a degree in science after working with her. She inspires them with her vast knowledge. They also see her as someone who has achieved something, so they are encouraged by her success, and she also encourages them that they can achieve success in science by dedication, determination and hard work. This also works for all of their life’s pursuits.


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