Amara was pregnant for another man when we met -Francis Van-Lare

Francis Van-Lare has revealed that his ex wife, Amara Blessing Nwosu was pregnant for another man when they got married.

He stated this on his Facebook wall this morning in his exposition series. He promised that more revelations are coming about his marriage to Amara Blessing Nwosu.

Read his post below:

“I was warned three months to marriage I refused to listen and my kids were contracted I still refused to listen.

Sour soup was pregnant when we met and I did not know until she had a miscarriage otherwise she would have roped another man’s child on me.

This is someone forming single groups preaching holiness. I have a chat where she said what will people say if she is pregnant and cannot mention the baby’s father with the man she was pregnant for … more revelation loading.”

His Facebook friends are having a ball on his wall with comments pouring in every second.

Amara was pregnant with another man’s baby, Francis Van-Lare says

Juliet Eyimofe Binitie commented:

“There are many women like this out there and many men like this who selfish interest is hidden in their past. Love is not blind.

Investigation is always key. I had blocked her even before all this. Because what she was saying on her so called chat and for single was utter nonsense and as a Minister of God I saw it.

I told my brother at the beginning not to go into this. I did not like her and my spirit was showing me strange things. But God allowed you to enter to see clearly. Hopefully, a book will come out of this.

Like your daughter said, it’s time to take care of yourself and face purpose too.

GOD has rescued you. Lift those hands and give him thanks.

Go back to your assignment in God and God will restore your losses. This I am sure my brother. She will leave as she came.”

Oge Maduakor said:

How can someone have such information, if it was truly given before marriage and still go ahead to marry the lady?

I refuse to believe this until I see better evidence and please no one should tell me it was love as the people involved could not have been suffering from teenage infatuation biko.

How do we confirm when this message was sent?

The soup is sour already as stated so why not throw it away, wash the pot clean and move on.

I thought they say to be fore warned is to be fore armed, what happened in this situation?”


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2 Responses

  1. Francis says:

    Old man 👴. Many women have called him flabby dick, not just Amara . This man I heard peddled drugs on linda ikeji blog . He went to jail 1983 someone confirm this quick. He dick is wick he has diabetes and he is 65 , that is a medical fact. So he is not serious. Ask any doctor this tells me he is dejavue

  2. Francis says:

    Diabetes and ugly heart combined with age 65 create weak flabby dick my dear. Stop running after young people and believe you are ok. Treat your diabetes , clean your face, find an old lady 👵 your age and have respect for yourself and your old age

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