As a woman, use technology to your advantage -Abimbola Agbejule

Abimbola Agbejule is the Head of Commercials at ALAT by Wema, Nigeria’s first fully digital bank. She has played a key role in the development of ALAT, a Fintech organization in an industry with predominantly male players.

Even though Software Development is dominated by men, the most important aspect of her job as part of the ALAT team is focusing on what she wants and forging ahead, despite all odds.

Abimbola Agbejule’s  passion for technology and succeeding also increases her drive to compete effectively with the men in tech.

Abimbola Agbejule

She revealed that “Because of the agile environment and working with millennials together with the culture, it created room for balance and easy approach for every one to interact, innovate and build together. This is no challenge because men like to explore and I like to explore too.”
For Abimbola Agbejule, “technology is to be used to your advantage as a woman and I don’t joke with it. Technology is an enabler so use it to support your lifestyle and your family.”
Abimbola Agbejule wants to be part of the digital economy and that’s why she decided to work in Fintech. She wants to be part of the change that is taking place in Nigeria when it comes to people investing in smart phones, smart TVs, smart cities and so on.
Abimbola Agbejule was excited when she was selected to manage the creation and launch of ALAT, the 1st fully Digital bank in Nigeria. Even though her job is demanding and takes a lot from her, she won’t have it any other way.
Rising to the top in technology as a woman is not child’s play and Abimbola Agbejule looks up to Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. She has been able to help create women inclusion in tech.
Abimbola said that Sheryl in her book, Leaning, showed women how they can work and still lead at the same time. This book inspired her to be better; taught her how to run a successful team at home and at work. It also taught her how to set the balance between work and the home front.


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