Don’t mistake pity for love

A lot of people mistake pity, beauty and social standing as love.

So many people fall in love with the idea of love but what they are feeling is not real love.

Some fall in love with beauty, material possessions and social standing thinking they are in love.

Others fall head over heels with people who have helped them when they were in need confusing pity for love.

Some mistake great sex for love. They think that the many orgasms they enjoy with their partners is a proof of love.

Don’t mistake pity for love

But aside physical beauty, material possessions, social standing, sex and pity, what else do you and your partner have in common?

What else is the bedrock of your relationship? What is sustaining your relationship? As time goes by, with life’s many challenges, can your relationship stand the test of time if these things are removed?

A lot of people are in loveless relationships but don’t know how to leave. They don’t want to be seen as ungrateful or heartless because they owe the other party so much.

They don’t want to the world to call them names for leaving someone who has been there for them in their darkest hour. They keep dying in silence.

They are unhappy because they are not in love with their partners but they don’t want to hurt them. They continue hurting themselves instead. They choose to stay put instead of freeing the other person and themselves too.

You have to think about yourself first. If it is not love you are feeling for your partner, let them go. Don’t get it twisted, it is either it is love or it isn’t. Pity and gratitude is not love.

Don’t be afraid to let go of the idea of love you are experiencing and go create your own reality.

When you are in love, you won’t have doubts about you are feeling. It will be as clear as the sky.


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