Why do people borrow money from others and refuse to pay back?

Why do people borrow money from others and for years, they don’t pay back the money they owe their lenders?

I don’t lend people money. If you come to borrow money from me, you are on a long thing. I don’t have energy to be running after you for my own money.

I don’t know how people keep borrowing money from others without paying back. They don’t even consider the pains their lenders are going through.

You run to someone for help or you take goods from them with a promise to pay back. These kind people meet your needs and you turn around to stress them.

Why do people borrow money without paying back?

You hold on to their money for years. Nothing pricks your conscience to pay back the money you are owing someone who helped you out when it mattered most.

The voice and face you used to come and borrow money or take goods suddenly transforms into that of Anaconda. You avoid the people you are owing money.

You become hostile and rude when they see you or call you to ask for their money. Wonderful. You people don’t fear God. I don’t know how you sleep at night.

One woman on my street who came to pick goods from us is still owing me 30k till tomorrow. Any time she sees me, she removes her face.

Last week, I saw her again and she avoided me by crossing over to the other side of the road. I just laughed. I know that the day I will show her my craze, she won’t forget me in her life.

And every Wednesday, she attends MFM morning prayer meeting yet she avoids me because she’s owing me money for my goods. Three whole years, she hasn’t said a word to me about the money.

I wonder the kind of prayer she prays every Wednesday morning and to which God. I know that when I am ready for her, she will drop my money for me. For now, let me continue to humour her.

If you are fond of borrowing money from people and not paying back, one day you go jam tipper wey carry sand. That day, you will know that it’s not everybody that you can con.



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