Is that man you are dating an enemy of progress?

Anybody that is against your progress irrespective of who they are is an enemy of progress. It doesn’t matter if the person is a parent, a sibling, a lover or a spouse.

Any man or woman who doesn’t want you to improve your life and go after your dreams is an enemy of progress. Forget all that talk about slowing down because you are a woman and there’s a limit to what you can achieve.

A man who truly loves you and appreciates your presence in his life won’t stop you from succeeding or doing things that will bring you success and fame. Only insecure, control freaks do that and try to justify their wickedness too.

Unfortunately, many Nigerian women are married to their enemies. They meet these men, date them, marry them and have children for these men who get angry when they start progressing.

Some men are not happy when their wives become successful or earn more money than them. They start plotting ways to clip these women’s wings. They arm twist these women to give up their dreams because they feel less with their women succeeding.

Are you dating an enemy of progress?

I don’t know how these men who deny their women the right to go after their dreams feel having sex with such women. You are not afraid for your life. You deprive a woman of something important to her while quoting culture and tradition or the Bible and you still close your eyes beside this woman every night. You guys have iron liver.

I have heard so many stories about women whose destinies were destroyed because they had the misfortune of marrying their enemies. I have wept after hearing some of these stories.

I keep wondering why many Nigerian women continue to allow insecure men destroy their lives and future because they married them. Why should these women stop living their lives because they got married? Who made these annoying rules for women to follow?

I have heard many stories of women who were threatened to give up their well paying jobs because their husbands felt threatened by their rise to the top and their successes. These women were commanded to resign and start up businesses. No one asked them if they wanted to do business in the first place.

I know a woman who was emotionally blackmailed by family members to give up her six figure paying job because her husband claimed she was no longer submissive because she was earning more than him. Today, she is a shadow of herself while husband man is hopping form one hole to another with his own money.

Why should women be giving up their dreams and careers for men and marriages? Why don’t men make such sacrifices too for their women and marriages? Why should successful women be reduced to housewives by their husbands?

No woman should give up her career or dream for an enemy of progress even if he is her husband. If a man you are dating or planning to marry tells you to give up your dream of being successful, ditch him. He’s an enemy of progress. He wants to reduce you to nothing. He wants to take away your financial power so that you can be at his mercy.

Ladies, stay away from men who feel threatened by your success and accomplishments. God didn’t create you to be second best. You are a woman who has the right to live her dreams. Ladies, say no to enemies of progress who come disguised as boyfriends and husbands.


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