Beauty without brain is nothing –Kelechi, Face of Delta soap

Princess Kelechi Oghene, face of Delta Soap said that women who have beauty without brains have nothing.

She encourages young ladies to leverage on their talents in order not to become a liability.

“A lot of girls don’t want to work. It is not all about beauty. Beauty without brains is nothing. When you are not intelligent, people will abuse you and you will become desperate and that is when people will even take advantage of you. They will think you are loose. When they see you can call your own shots, they will respect you more.”

An entrepreneur par excellence, Princess Kelechi Oghene represents a new pedigree of female entrepreneurs that will champion the economic advancement of future Nigeria.

Princess Kelechi Oghene said that fate and grace made her become the brand ambassador.

Princess Kelechi Oghene empowers women through fashion

“I didn’t plan to become the face of Delta Soap. I met some girls who were going to the interview and audition and I was mobile then. I already had a shop. So they said I should take them to Orange Drugs for an audition. I readily agreed because I just wanted to see the models and how they would be chosen as the face of the brand.

“When we got there, the girls went in for the audition while I waited for them in the lobby. I think the boss saw me on the CCTV and asked who I was. He requested that I should be brought in. I have always been plump and the impression I had was that models are usually slim. I didn’t think I could be chosen for such.  Anyway, I went in and he interviewed me. I was even sarcastic in my responses.

“Anyway, I was eventually chosen and interestingly, the girls I took there were not taken. And since then, I have remained the face of Delta for four consecutive years,” she said.

Even as a model, Princess Kelechi Oghene has a burning passion for fashion designing. She got that from her mother who was a seamstress.

Kelechi Oghene never did a nine to five job. By the end of this year, she would have been 12 years in business.

She finished from Lagos State University but she was still doing business even while schooling.

“I studied Business Management in school. Regular job for me is a no-no.  I had to go to school because my mother insisted. If anybody had told me I would be feeding from fashion, I may not have believed it.”

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