Ladies, don’t donate your womb for any man to use as football pitch

Young lady, stop destroying your womb for any man who doesn’t give a hoot about your health and life.

Why do women who have had three, four abortions for one man think there won’t be consequences down the road?

What about blocked tubes, damaged uterus and so on and so forth? How do you recover your womb after you have destroyed it?

Why do women not know when to quit bad relationships?

Why would a woman believe that a man who risks her womb loves her?

What kind of satanic love is that?

Don’t destroy your womb for any man

If you let a man swim in your pool without swimming trunks, then you must let him know there are repercussions.

Indeed, you must show him photos of baby dresses and maternity wears each time he insists on diving without wearing something.

No matter how good the sex is, it is absolutely stupid to let a man plant a ton of seeds in you, let him walk away while you are left alone to open your legs for another man to prod your insides with medical forks and knives to bring out lover boy’s unwanted harvest.

He even gets to read newspapers and watch CNN while you are in the slab. That is if he even follows you there. He may have a meeting or commitment more important than your delicate womb and the medical equipment running around in it.

Can you imagine?

If you let a man ruin you and the rest of your life just because he carries the right weight between his legs and pockets and delivers a pitch better than a marketer, the only person you can blame is yourself.

The time to take the right decision is today. Don’t donate your womb to that guy to use as shooting range or football pitch.

Babes, you can’t, must not give up your womb for a man, any man. It is always better to give up a man, any man for your womb.

It may be tough when the man threatens to leave you, especially if you have invested everything and you thought he’s everything in your life.

But you can’t put him first and put yourself last. Think of what you stand to lose if you capitulate your baby, your womb and the rest of your healthy life.

Think on these things.

By Funke Egbemode


Woman. Journalist. Writer. Blogger. Non Conformist. Rebel. Daring. Creative. Amazing. Unstoppable.

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