Husband killer, Yewande Oyediran gets seven years in prison for manslaughter

Do you remember Yewande Oyediran? She is the female lawyer who allegedly stabbed her husband to death last year after they had a big fight over another woman and a love child.

Yewande Oyediran was recently sentenced to seven years in prison by Justice Muntar Abimbola for manslaughter.

A former staff of the Department of Public Prosecution in the Oyo State of Ministry of Justice, Yewande Oyediran was accused of killing her husband with a knife after a disagreement on February 2, 2016, at their residence in Akobo area of Ibadan.

The couple had no child and during her trial, Yewande denied stabbing her husband to death, claiming the the deceased stabbed himself in a fit of anger.

Yewande claimed that: “We had a scuffle earlier which made my late husband beat me up, but it was settled by our landlord and his wife. Later, my husband went for treatment in a neighbourhood hospital, after I had inflicted some cuts on him, because he had pressed me on the bed and was continually hitting me.”

Yewande Oyediran smiling in the arms of the man she allegedly killed

“This was after the phone call I received from a woman on that night who had earlier claimed that she had a child for my husband. My husband confirmed it and we quarrelled over it, but had settled the issue since she first called me on July 7, 2015.”

When her lead Defense Counsel asked her point-blank whether she killed her husband, she became emotional and said, ”I did not kill my husband. I love my husband, even if we quarrel, it won’t be to the point of death”.

This was my Facebook post last year when this story broke and I still stand by my words. Run away from a violent spouse for your own good.

“Couple had a fight
Wife stabs hubby
Hubby lands in the hospital
Wife is at home waiting for him

Hubby returns home
Quarrel starts again
A pastor was invited
Pastor came to preach to couple
Pastor tries to calm the situation

Pastor leaves…wahala starts again
Hubby and wife are at it again
Neighbours are listening
Some were even enjoying the drama

Suddenly, silence… Deafening silence
Wife took a knife…looked at her hubby
He was sleeping peacefully

She was so angry he could sleep
She stabs him in the neck
Hubby dies.

People are angry.
She now claims it’s self defense.
She says she has dislocated shoulders.

Neighbours start crying.
People are analyzing.
Many women are silent.
They want to know why she killed him.

Men want justice.
They suffer abuse too but hardly speak out.
They have taught since childhood to endure pain.
Don’t cry like a girl.
Suck it in! Are you not a man?

Pastor is flabbergasted.
Neighbours are scared.
Both families are in shock.
People are still analyzing.

A man is stone dead.
Killed by his loving wife.
Killed in his sleep, defenseless.
And people are analyzing.

A life has been cut short.
By a violent woman.
One with no remorse.

Why oh why?
Why didn’t the pastor ask them to stay apart for the night?
Why didn’t the neighbours take the man away?

Why didn’t the man run away himself?
Why go back home to a woman who stabbed you on your shoulders?

Why oh why?
So many whys…

This is such an avoidable tragedy
We can avoid it by saying no to violence
No matter who the aggressor is.

Marriage is not a do or die affair.
If it’s not working, then it’s not working.
Don’t go and die for nothing.

God hates divorce.
God hates murder too.
God hates violence.

We need to pay more attention to mental health in Nigeria. It’s not everything that is spiritual. People have mental issues.

A lot of people have mental health issues and they are cooling off in churches, in our offices, on the roads, dressed as normal people.

They hide under the umbrella of marriage to exhibit their madness and bad behaviour and we are still saying God hates divorce.

Does God love murder? No.
Use your tongue to count your teeth if you are a victim of abuse. Abusers never stop. They just need to be stopped.”




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