Ways to handle ungrateful friends and family

Dealing with ungrateful people can be tiring. They keep taking from you without being thankful. They feel entitled to your time, money and love while asking for more.

Ungrateful people don’t even mind the number of sacrifices you may have made for them, they always keep asking for more with a feeling of entitlement.

You should learn how to deal with ungrateful people before they destroy you. You xcan’t be bending over backwards to make people feel loved and they keep throwing your kindness in your face.

Many times, people keep putting up with individuals who drain them because they are family or because they have known them for a long time.

Here are 10 tips on dealing with such selfish and unappreciative people.

Do away with ungrateful people

1. You don’t keep tolerating bad behaviour from others because you don’t want to appear hard.

2. When it comes to dealing with ungrateful friends and family members, put yourself first. Let them know that you are the one calling the shots.

3. Set boundaries in your relationships and stick to them. Don’t allow these selfish and ungrateful people keep walking all over you because you don’t want them to see you as a mean person.

4. Be straight with them. Let them know what you can afford and what you cannot afford. Stop giving them the impression that you will always be there for them when they don’t appreciate your efforts.

5. Protect your peace. There’s nothing more peaceful than doing away with relationships that drain you emotionally, psychologically and mentally. You don’t have to keep tolerating their bad behaviour.

6. Remove yourself from the circle of ungrateful people. Let them be! Even if they are your family members, stay away.

7. People don’t learn to respect you until you are no longer around for them to disrespect. If you keep hanging around them, you will keep getting disrespected. Do the needful.

8. Protect yourself. Protect your space. Protect your peace.

9. Close your ears to their whinnings and don’t tolerate emotional blackmail too.

10. Be resolute in your decision to stop giving in to their many demands whenever they feel like it.


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