Women who don’t set relationship standards end up with irresponsible men

Many women are suffering today because they didn’t set standards for themselves in their relationships. For these women, anything goes.

These women didn’t care about the kind of men they were getting married to, they just wanted to stop being single.

They didn’t think about life after marriage. All they were concerned about was just to land a man and transform him into a husband. Standards mean nothing to them.

They are the ones who will tell you that all men are useless. All men cheat, just pray and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus before having sex with him so that you won’t be infected by STDs.

They are the ones who will tell you that you have to suffer for marriage to work. They are the ones who claim that marriage is for better for worst, not worse sef. You must be ready to lay down your life on the altar of your marriage if the need arises.

They are the ones who will tell you that as long as your husband is not beating you, you should endure all the emotional and psychological abuse he puts you through. God won’t let you die, just be praying and fasting. God will see you through.

They are the ones who will tell you that as a wife you don’t have a say in your husband’s house. You are to nod and obey every command just to please your Emperor Nero. If your husband says jump, you ask ‘how high?’

They are the ones who will tell you to dress sexy, buy red bra and panties and do snake in the monkey shadow sex positions to change the heart of a community penis horseband.

Women should set relationship standards

How I pity these women. I also pity the women who listen to them and their destructive advice. If you love to suffer, do it alone. Don’t use your bad marriage that you are enduring as an example for others.

It is clear that if you don’t set standards for yourself, you are setting yourself up for any kind of man.

The fact that you settled for a disrespectful and irresponsible man doesn’t mean that other women should do the same. If you are cool with enduring abuse and humiliation, be my guest. Stop telling others that all men are like that. It’s a lie.

Women, stop settling. Stop settling for men who don’t respect you. Stop settling for gold diggers who just want to do fine boy with your money. Stop settling for men who will make you fight other women because you want to be married.

Stop enduring things that can harm your health and well being. Stop enduring cheating, cheating is not normal. If a man expects you to be faithful to him, he should also be faithful to you.

Being cheated on is not normal. Being controlled by another human being is not normal. Being abused is not normal. Being disrespected in public is not normal.

Sharing your husband sexually with community babes is not normal. Crying more than you laugh is not normal. Not being able to talk to your husband when he is hurting you is not normal. You are not a robot.

Just stop suffering and smiling. Stop hurting yourself. Set standards for your relationships. Don’t allow yourself to be disrespected because you want to get married or remain married.

Set high standards for your relationships and the right man will meet them.


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