After 16 years of waiting, miscarriages and stillbirths, woman welcomes baby girl through IVF

It has been over two months of God’s favour as I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who said her mummy must be blessed.

I am a proud IVFer and will not join others in hoarding information. She is a product of frozen embryos left over from the triplets I lost last year. She started as a twin but we lost the twin at 7 weeks.

I lived in fear of loosing her and money going down the drains again till i had her at 38 weeks. The health visitor says she is up to beat with her development and as such, doing great.

She is quite smart and smiles a lot already. She talks and complains like her mum when not happy, especially when breast feeding and milk is not flowing quick.

If you ever lost hope on this journey no matter what you have been through just say you can do it if I could. Dont lose hope.

I am open to question and encouragement to sisters waiting, pregnant after years of waiting, facing miscarriages, still births, surrogate advises, adoption, egg donation, embryo adoption etc for emotional support and all the roller coasters of being in the waiting room.

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Still on the matter, it is a very happy December for me.

In the past, despite political posts, my posts often reflected my journey trying to concieve. The loss of my triplets is one am still yet to get over, as I blame myself daily for being too carefull and careless.

I imagine what they would have looked like and how grown they would have been. Let me let the past heal gently and move on.

If you are waiting on God for the joy of carrying your babies, I encourage you today not to give up believing and working towards it. Like every other illness, infertility should not be left as a spiritual matter but also medical.

Please dont live in denial of the truth and go for medical interventions available to you. While you pray for God’s healing remember he created everything under the sun and as such gave doctors the brain to make medical breakthroughs. The treatment will come at a cost but the joy of overcoming will give you more zeal to succeed.



It has been a very long journey but I will try to cut it short. I was a chronic sufferer of PCOS and as such I hardly have regular periods and when I do, it comes very heavy. My chances of conceiving and carrying to term after the diagnosis was very slim.

So to everyone whose diagnosis look bleak and bad, please dont give up. Use me as a point of contact. A total of 16 years of waiting because at 8 years we were blessed with a wonderful daughter. We still continued believing God amidst the losses, miscarriages, stillbirths etc.

I have come, I have seen and I have conquered. Coincidentally, I fit into any type of motherhood experience other than being a surrogate mum, you just imagine it. I am that woman who experienced waiting times, miscarriages, stillbirth, burrying or cremating my babies and even opting for adoption or a surrogate mum for your child. This woman here has seen it all.

This story was shared by my facebook friend Obia Nuju who has been through a lot just to conceive. I am happy for her. She is truly blessed to have overcome infertility.


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