“Dem no dey throway wife o”, Toke Makinwa tells men with cheating wives

Toke Makinwa has a piece of advice for men with cheating wives.

She took to her Instagram account to share her thoughts about a meme circulating on Twitter recently.

This is her post:

“This is a deep issue o, maybe he was focused on his career and was always going out. Maybe the man outside is the innocent looking one, does not have swag, easy going and natural. Maybe he needs to hit the gym fast, cook for her, take care of the kids etc. Whatever he decides, he should just accept the child, the other man will always be an outsider. It was a mistake; after all it is him she married. He is the legal husband. He should fight for his marriage, forgive her, dem no dey throway wife o, where will he start from? Wife scarce for market! #Thingstoldtome #My2cents #Marriageisdoordie”

I have been laughing at the comments on her post since I saw it. Men are tearing their boxers because she advised men to check themselves when their wives cheat.

Many women supported her and were eager to put these hypocritical men in their shoes.

Let me share some of the comments.

saltoftheworld1 said: All of you women are already taking sides and turning it to a game of “that’s what they would have told the woman if she were the one” please stop this. Not all men are scum whether you like it or not. You can’t make the man a victim of other men’s scummy attitude and play away the woman’s infidelity and try to even victimize him once again. There is no gender war here. The woman deserves the penalty of an infidel, no two ways to this. Don’t make it look like karma came for him because karma does not come near the innocent. Many people here are giving advices out of their grievances.
baba_ni_babaIs said: That’s what the other man is doing for her to cheat,rubbish fellows,that’s how you lost your marriage, stupid somebody.

dr_morula said: This is the same attitude that demoted you from wife status to girlfriend status.People supporting you are in their husband’s houses you are here forming slay queen for grand pa Yoruba demon.Its like Bobrisky have used your sense to buy bleaching cream @tokemakinwa

topboymosh said: Y’all bunch of hypocrites oloriburuku people he should accept her back she didn’t only cheat on him she got pregnant having unprotected sex with someone else why you are married you exposing your partner to STD!!!! I don’t support cheating in anyway that fucked up y’all brain need to be check.@tokemakinwa omo ale Jati Jati nie se

d_worldismine said: @tokemakinwa if your future husband impregnate some lady outside am sure won’t talk this was .why should you women always play the victim# I read your book and seriously you played the victim to make few millions # women like you turn good men to monster, you all will never get marriage until you change,bitches tryna act saint.

inicharles@matthewmensah said: This is exactly the same advice Men and even Women throw at Women when their Husbands cheat and even impregnate someone else so…… the tables have turned…. Men should be able to take the same advise they throw at us too!!! I maintain my stand he should pray and fast very hard and keep his home.

ogbunike said: see….. oyinbo culture has ruined so many things. The actual truth is dat cheating is a proper African man’s birthright. Even go thru the Bible or Quran, they talk about men having numerous wives and concubines.

otunjama3 said: This is just a funny world. Whether this story is imagined or not, see all the women. Owning our to stylishly support indefinite simply cause is a woman that evidently cheated. If It were the man that was caught no one would make excuses like “or maybe his wife doesn’t know how to cook, or she she doesn’t f*ck him well or, she wears unattractive grandma panties” etc. of all the endless “reasons” that could drive a man outside, no one gives them. They say “men are scum”. But see ladies coming out to support adultery. “Pray for her” my foot. She didn’t even have the conscience to ask the man to use condom🙄😡😡😡

Drizz_Dauda said: totally disagree with this, what if the husband does all of what u said and still the wife wasn’t contented? This is a bitchy move and I think this is a new marriage too. Some women are Scums! Tm you are focused on the man, what about the woman? This issue is so deep… Gbemi “War room” isn’t applicable all the time in a real life situation.. Let’s be realistic the fault could be from the woman too.. Getting pregnant for another when u are in a marriage, you leaving my house! Rather than spend the rest of my life with another man’s child and a woman who broke her vows… I’m fucking throwing you out ni! Why can’t she fight for her marriage too.. If perhaps the man did all of that, if she was really fighting for it, she would have spoken to her husband and definitely get a solution.. Not get pregnant for another man.. SOME WOMEN ARE SCUMS.


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