I pity married women who look down on single ladies

Married women who look down on single ladies deserve pity.

I mean how can you live your life throwing insults at other human beings because they are not married.

That you got married doesn’t give you the right to insult those ladies who are not married yet.

Do you know what will happen tomorrow? Do you know if you will lose your husband tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or in three years?

Do you have tommorow in your hands? It’s a pity that you think you have it all because you got married.

Leave single ladies alone. Stop insulting other women because of their marital status.

When women judge other women’s success and fulfillment in life with their marital status, what then do we expect insecure men to do?

When I see women who look down on other women because they are not married, I pity them. That’s the height of foolishness.

Such women who not only question another woman’s success story but also insinuate that her passion for her life’s dreams is the reason she’s not married yet need to go and evaluate their own lives.

Marriage is sweet with the right person, but it is hell with someone who doesn’t support your life’s purpose. What joy is there living with someone who stifles you and kills your dreams?

A woman didn’t come into this world to get married, pop children and support her man to get to the top. She needs to get to the top herself.

Married women, don’t look down on single ladies

Married women, don’t look down on single ladies

These women need to know that some unmarried women are fulfilled living the kind of life they want. They shouldn’t be disrespected because of their marital status.

These women who mock unmarried successful ladies need to know that to some women, making names for themselves and impacting the society with their God-given gifts remain their motivation to keep living.

Your married marital status doesn’t make you better than the single lady. Stop hurting them with insensitive words and actions. Stop treating them like lepers. Stop seeing them as threats to your husbands.

You must be known for something productive as a woman. Marriage is not your sole life’s purpose. There should be more to your life as a woman than getting the ring, getting married and having children.

What is your passion as a person?
What can you do better than the next person?
How can you improve on what others are doing and make yours stand out?
What truly makes you fulfilled?
What makes young people look up to you?
What brings you money?
What legacy are you leaving behind?
What will you be known for when you are gone?

Think about these things. When you truly think about them, you won’t look down on any woman again because she’s not married.

You won’t look down on that single lady in your compound.

You won’t look down on that successful single lady in your office.

You won’t look down on that hardworking, enterprising single lady in your church.

Dear married women of Nigeria, focus on your marriages. Allow single ladies live their own lives.


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