Mo Abudu reveals how you can be unstoppable in 2018

Mo Abudu, CEO EbonyLife TV said that you can be unstoppable in 2018 if you dare to find your God-given purpose.

She revealed that even though it’s not easy, it’s rewarding and fulfilling at the end.

According to Mo Abudu:

“The most important thing in life is to find your GOD GIVEN PURPOSE, not always easy, but once you do and once you spend your everyday putting the building blocks into that GOD GIVEN PURPOSE, it will never fail. That is God’s promise to those who listen to HIM. Therefore do not fear, just keep forging ahead and see how that purpose multiplies and becomes unstoppable!

Mo Abudu

Let the word impossible become POSSIBLE because with God all things are possible. I live, work and pray by this principle. Wishing you a glorious and magnificent GRACE filled 2018. Please share this message with all your loved ones, so that they can have an unstoppable 2018.”
MoAbudu – CEO, EbonyLife TV &
EbonyLife Films.
#ifyoucanthinkityoucandoit #greatyearahead #followyourgodgivenpurpose
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So, women look within and find that purpose for which you were created and work with it in 2018.

Don’t go into businesses and venture into unknown territories because your friends are doing so. You are not your friends. Your path is different from that of your friends.

Mo Abudu is one woman who is living out her purpose. She found her God given purpose and is changing lives with it. She is doing something she loves while creating jobs for young too.

Women, this year is not for joking around. Take to heart what Mo Abudu said and pray for God’s guidance. You will go through some challenges, but you will come out on top.

Little wonder Mo Abudu who is a Nigerian talk show host, TV producer, media personality, human resources management consultant, entrepreneur and philanthropist was described by Forbes as “Africa’s Most Successful Woman.”

Mo Abudu is one woman to watch out for in 2018.



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