Funmi Iyanda reveals she once struggled with low self esteem

Who would have thought that popular broadcaster and talk show host Funmi Iyanda once struggled with low self esteem?

No one would have believed this if she didn’t say this herself. But Funmi Iyanda recently revealed that she used to think she was unattractive because people told her that while she was growing up.

But Funmi Iyanda shared this important aspect of her life in an emotional Instagram post where she posted a throwback picture.

Read her post:

“I look at this picture in wonder because l used to think myself unattractive because many people said l was growing up.

This day took a lot of persuading by @frankosodirichard to get me in that dress. He did my make up and turban as l always wore my hair wild and refused makeup so l could be invisible. He used to tell me l was model material and beautiful, l did not believe him. Many people did but l distrusted them.

I was uncomfortable at that party and wary of any attention, l also had my passively manipulative partner telling me how long l should stay then driving over to pick me up in a cloud of seething anger. He never described me as beautiful, not once.

I cannot believe l was that girl, no one would as l seemed confident, competent and outspokenly intelligent. I want to reach back through time and tell her you are goddam beautiful, hug and get her the hell out of that situation.

She did make it out herself but it took years for her to be able to see and accept her beauty.

I might tell her full story some day, l might not but this bit is for all the boys and girls who are being stunted by other people’s fear/mis-interpretation of their beauty/glory/talents/knowledge/being. You are good honey, allow no-one tell you otherwise, keep going.”

This is why it is important for parents and family members to stop hurting children with negative words because it affects their self esteem as they grow into adulthood.

Maintaining a healthy self esteem is good in this world especially for women who feel inadequate because of the many things society tells her to be and look like.


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