HER BROKEN SOUL 1: Living in a loveless marriage

I know a man who abandoned his first wife and their five children and moved to another part of town with his new wife and their two sons. He doesn’t care about how his children from the first wife feed, clothe or go to school yet he forms very important person whenever any of his daughters wants to get married.

This man married his first wife when she was 17 and she gave birth to their first child at 18. She married him because he promised to send her to school. She took him at his words because he sounded sincere. She loved him and didn’t fail to show her devotion to him and their marriage.

He married her immediately after her father died. Her family felt it was the best thing for her to do even though she told them she wanted to get an education and better her life. But Mr. Husband never kept his promise. He told her to go and learn sewing from one woman around where they lived when she consistently reminded him of his promise.

She didn’t set foot in a school but husband man later got evening education and has a certificate to show for it. Whenever she protests, he would open a shop for her. He would then start taking things from the shop without paying and before you say jack, the business would go down and he would blame her for it.

First wife abandoned by husband

He turned her into a baby making machine. She had ten children over the space of 15 years. She had five boys and five girls.┬áThe worst part was that her children were dying. One died in her womb, another died after birth, the third one died three days after birth and the last two died of sickle cell anaemia. With all the pains she suffered, he didn’t think twice before he abandoned her and their children for years.

His family started calling her names. They claimed she was an ogbanje who was eating up her children. Her husband kept taking her to different spiritual houses to cure her of her problem. Today, she’s left with four girls and a boy. Husband man decided to go marry another wife that would give him sons. He abandoned first wife and their girls like he calls them.

When their fourth son died, husband told his wife that he would marry a new wife who would give him sons because he’s a Chief who shouldn’t have only one son. Three years later, he married a young lady almost the same age with his first daughter and she gave birth to a son nine months after. Husband man started maltreating his first wife severely telling her to leave his house.

First wife refused to leave. She didn’t care that she was living with him and his second wife under the same roof. She decided to stay and fight for her marriage because she believed it was the devil that was attacking her family.

The most painful aspect of this woman’s story was how this man she toiled with for years until he made it abandoned her after everything he went through giving him children for fifteen years.

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