Ladies, no man has the right to demand you give up your dreams for marriage

Dear young ladies, no man has the right to demand that you give up your dreams because he wants to marry you.

Don’t make that mistake of giving up your dreams and career for a man who feels so insecure about your progress.

I tell young ladies hopping up and down about marriage and shouting ‘This year is my year to get married’ to take it easy. Look before you leap.

What’s the point of getting married to an enemy who doesn’t want you to be successful when you can live peacefully with a good man if you are patient?

There are many men out there who believe that a woman must be relegated to the background. They believe a woman must not make more money than her man and such men make terrible husbands.

Some of these men demand you give up your dreams, give up your relationships, give up your dress sense, give up your freedom and also give up your money because they want to marry you.

No man should demand you give up your dreams for marriage

I always tell women not to sacrifice who they are or their dreams for any marriage. That’s suicide mission. You shouldn’t stop being who you are because one insecure man wants to feel powerful.

If that man you want to marry wants you to give up who you are and the things you are passionate about because of a ring, show him the door. He’s bad news anyway.

The only thing a man is permitted to demand you give up is a bad habit. He’s not your oxygen to demand you stop living because of him.

If he wants you to give up your job or business because he dangled marriage before you, he’s an enemy of progress. You have to run away fast before he ruins your life.

Any man who doesn’t want you to improve yourself and be successful in life is not someone you should marry. He should be far from you because he will look for every opportunity to reduce you.

Nigerian women, stop marrying your enemies. Stop reducing yourselves because of marriage proposals. You are killing yourself slowly. Your whinnings won’t do you good too if you refuse to stop settling for such losers.

Stop having sex and having children with men who don’t want you to amount to anything in life. You were not created to be reduced to nothing by a man oozing of low self esteem.

Be wise.



I am a writer, a journalist and phenomenal woman. I don't conform to societal stereotypes. I am passionate about women and the issues that plague womanhood in this part of the world. Engage and be awakened.

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