10 compromises you shouldn’t make in relationships

What are compromises? They are those things you do so that you can be on the same page with your partner in your relationship. Why is compromise important in relationships? It helps couples to deal with each other’s differences without changing who they are.

It is not unusual to make some compromises when you are in a serious relationship. These compromises include when to get married, where to hold your wedding reception, the place you would start your life together, what brand of TV to buy, and where to go on vacation.

These are compromises you make daily that make you flexible to accommodate your partner’s preferences too. But there are bigger compromises no woman should make in relationships because of a man or because she wants to get married by all means.

In fact, there are certain compromises that may force you to question your partner and staying in the relationship or walking away.

As a woman, you should compromise in a relationship without changing yourself. Below are 10 compromises you should never make, no matter how much you love that man.

Your self-worth

A woman should be treated with love and respect by her man. He should stay by her side through good times and bad, and shouldn’t make her feel bad about herself. Dear woman, don’t accept verbal, emotional and physical abuse in your relationship. Unhealthy communication can be seriously damaging to your self-esteem.

Your life’s dreams and goals

A woman needs to go after her dreams and goals with vigour and passion. Your man should support your goals and support you in pursuing them. If you give up your dreams for a man or a marriage, you may resent that man in future.

Your family and friends

Any man who tries to keep you from seeing your family and friends is a potential abuser. While his possessiveness may make you feel wanted and special in the beginning, it can also be a red flag of things to come later in the relationship. You need your family and friends in your life and not only a boyfriend or a husband.

Your core values

Your values depict who you are at your very soul. Your man should respect your life values and not expect you to throw them away because of him. You don’t have to stop being who you are or stop believing in your values because of a man.

Your lifestyle

If you are used to living your life in a certain way, your partner shouldn’t demand you give up your lifestyle just so you can be with him. Compromising the way you live your life for a man will make you miserable. There’s no use wasting your time with him if your life vision doesn’t align.

10 compromises you shouldn’t make in relationships

Your life’s principles

You don’t need a man who makes you go against your principles. He shouldn’t be in your life to begin with. If a man is unscrupulous, don’t claim your love will change him. If you get married to him, things will get worse. Don’t compromise your principles for any man. Don’t put up with anything unless you are genuinely okay with it.

Your kind of relationship 

It is never okay for your man to pressure you into doing things you don’t want to do. If his idea of a relationship is different from what you want, take a walk on time. You don’t have to wait around for him to hurt you with his selfish actions to know that you don’t have to compromise the kind of relationship you truly want.

Your financial security

Ladies, don’t give up your financially security for a man. Don’t say you are doing it for love. Any man that wants to financially cripple you is an enemy of progress. If you are the ones picking all the bills with him doing nothing about it, you are just his cash cow. Open your eyes on time.

Your body and womb

You don’t have to compromise your body and womb by committing series of abortions for that man you are dating. He refuses to use condoms yet whenever you end up pregnant, he tells you to commit an abortion without blinking. Use your brain, he doesn’t love you.

Your communication needs

As a woman, having communication compatibility is very important in your relationship. You don’t have to be putting up with a man who doesn’t communicate with you and one you don’t know what he’s thinking and feeling. Stop making excuses for his lack of communication, it points to bigger problems down the road. You both should be open and free to talk about things as lovers.

Sometimes, if you are not willing to compromise in a relationship when it comes to simple issues, then you are not ready to be in a serious relationship. But that doesn’t mean that you must change yourself just to have a man you can call your own.


You shouldn’t compromise your values, principles, money, dreams, aspirations, career, business or life for love. It’s not worth it. As a woman, you should know how to cope with a partner who won’t compromise for your relations just as you do.

As a married woman, if your husband won’t compromise on issues affecting your relationship, he doesn’t value your presence in his life. You have to talk to him about his attitude so that he can change.


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