10 Commandments for working mothers in Nigeria

There are commandments working mothers must keep to maintain a balance their duties as mothers and workers.

These commandments are easy to follow even as mothers have the responsibility of juggling their jobs with marriage and motherhood.

These 10 commandments will help ease the struggles of working motherhood.

You shall prioritize wisely

As a working mom, you must prioritize wisely by planning your day. You know how unpredictable your day can be with your children in it, so plan your day well.

You shall not worship career success

Even though having a good job gives you satisfaction, you must not thoughtlessly apply for a big promotion. Consider what that would mean for your family and children.

You shall not feel guilty

As a working mom, refuse to feel guilty about working. There are some people that might want to undermine you as a working mom, just ignore their comments. You are not doing anything wrong by contributing to the stability of your family and the education of your children.

You shall enjoy family time

Working moms should enjoy family time with their children. You can have fun doing daily chores with your children. Cherish the time together during everyday activities such as waking up, getting ready for school and going to bed.

Commandments of working mothers in Nigeria

You shall take time to rest

Motherhood teaches you how to set boundaries and limits. Make sure you use the same skills in the office too. Set boundaries at work. Don’t take on too much work that you no longer have enough time for your children and family.

You shall not judge other mothers

Resist this impulse to judge other mothers and their parenting skills. Life is long, and you never know when you will be forced to eat your words. Motherhood is different for every woman, face your journey and support others as much as you can.

You shall nurture adult relationships

As a working mom, make sure to spend time with close family members and friends. Those adult relationships will sustain you when you are stressed with running after your children. Take time to engage in activities that nourish your soul.

You shall trust your gut

Trust your instincts when it comes to relating with your children and doing well at your job. When your children start acting out because they need your attention, spend more time with them.

Similarly, you know in your gut when you are not fulfilling your work responsibilities. Be sure to do your best on the most important projects at work.

You shall enjoy your work

Mothers work for different reasons. Whether it’s for the money, staying busy or getting job satisfaction, identify the reasons that you work and be at peace with that choice. Enjoying your job will help you to reinforce the positive aspects of being a working mother.

You shall not abandon your role as a mother

No matter how much you are making on your job, don’t abandon your duties as a mother. Don’t leave your precious ones at the mercy of nannies and house helps. Be present in your children’s lives even as a working mom.




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