10 Nigerian women reveal the kind of men they would never date

You have to date someone before you can get to know them. Dating can be a bit hit and miss, and a woman never really knows what a guy is like, until she gets to know him. When it comes to dating, some women are very careful about the guys they allow into their lives, because all they want to do is find the right guy.

These 10 Nigerian women told Feminine World the kind of men they can never date. Enjoy:

Opeyemi: I can’t date a guy who thinks he knows it all

I am wary of any guy who seems to know it all. That man who he knows about everything is not my type, because he probably really knows nothing at all. Such guys either boast a lot about having the latest version of something bought the latest version of it, or they boast about their friend who has the thing. If I really want to expand my knowledge, I would be better off with a book, because this type of guy will drive me insane. I can’t stand guys who talk too much. They are more talkers than achievers.

Daisy: Any guy who refuses to grow up is not my spec

Guys who refuse to grow up are not my spec. I don’t want to start raising a grown baby in the name of a relationship. Those who are addicted to video games and can’t take any decision without their mothers fall into this category.

This kind of guy has no intention of ever growing up and he certainly won’t be looking to make a commitment or to take on any responsibilities. In fact, he’s probably just looking for a replacement for his mother, so I will maintain my sanity by walking away from him.

Nancy: If he’s not over his ex, we have no business dating

I won’t go near a guy who is clearly not over his ex. If he still does odd jobs for his ex, keeps talking about his ex or still have his ex’s photo on his phone, what am I doing with him?

Such a guy is just exhibiting classic symptoms of not-over-the-ex syndrome. I don’t want to be any man’s rebound for a sour relationship. Such relationships don’t go anywhere. It is either I will get sick and tired of hearing about his ex, or he will go back to her. I don’t want to suffer heartbreak for an indecisive man who doesn’t know what he wants. He needs to get his acts and life together first.

Chioma: Dating a serial cheat is not in my agenda

When I hear people say that a serial cheat will change after marriage, I just want to scatter my locks. That is a big lie. Marriage doesn’t change a cheat. I know that from my mother’s marriage to my dad. She complained and cried for his cheating ways till she dies eight years ago.

A man can’t change what he is any more than a leopard can change its spots, so if a guy cheated to be with you or he has cheated on you, he will probably cheat again. He’s probably the kind of guy who boasts to his friends about how many girls he is dating at the same time.

I won’t let myself become another name on the serial cheats list of conquests. Dating a serial cheat is not in my agenda.

The kind of guy we can never date

Victoria: I will never date a control freak

When I notice that a guy is a control freak, I cross to the opposite side of the road. If I hear him telling me what I should wear and how I should behave, then I have found a control freak and I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me to ditch him immediately. This guy could be dangerous if he doesn’t get his own way, so I stay away from this type of guy. He is nothing but bad news. I am not an animal to be tamed and controlled. I have my own life to live.

Amaka: I get away from the sex freak on time

It is sad that many guys these days just want to have sex with as many ladies as possible. These guys have nothing to say when you chat with them other than what you are wearing, are your breasts big enough, do you know how to kiss, can you give good head, do you enjoy sex?

Getting physical is an important part of a healthy relationship, but it shouldn’t be all that the relationship revolves around. Many guys are just after sex and nothing more. They don’t bring meaningful things to relationships these days.

If I notice that a guy is too quick to have sex with me, I drop him fast. Such guys are just using their charm to get sex out of ladies. This type of guy is just using women and I deserve a lot more out of a relationship, more than that.

Ijeoma: I won’t date a scruff for anything in this world

I love my man to be presentable and nice looking. I won’t date a man who doesn’t pay attention to his appearance. If he can’t be bothered to even make an effort with his appearance, then he’s not taking me seriously at all. There was a guy who wanted to date me years back but I couldn’t just stand his dressing. He appeared so rough and unkempt all the time, I couldn’t keep up.

Maryann: Any guy confused about his feelings is a not for me

I can’t date a confused guy. Any guy who is so up and down with his feelings for me is not someone I want to invest my time dating. I will never know where I stand with such a person and I hate uncertainty. One day I might be thinking about wedding bells, the next time, I will be wondering where he’s gone. If he is confused about his feelings, I will make the decision for him and get it over with fast.

Doris: I will not date a married man

Whenever I meet a middle aged guy who is all over me for a relationship, I watch out for the ring on his finger or the tell-tale dent on his ring finger. And when I hear he’s married but it’s over with his wife or that his wife doesn’t understand him, I take my leave. Such men never leave their wives, they just string you along for years and hinder you from seeing good men to marry. Such relationships are complicated, messy and, somewhere along the line, someone is going to get hurt.

Roseline: I avoid dating stingy men

I don’t date stingy men. If I notice that a man finds it hard to spend money especially when it is very important, I stay away. I will never date such a person because he will get worse in marriage. I don’t want to end up with a man who I will fight and argue with before I feed, clothe or enjoy the basic necessities of life. I don’t know how women marry stingy men. I can’t stand such men.

Nkechi: A violent guy is not someone I will date

I am a very delicate lady and I can’t endure violence of any kind. If I notice any trait of violence from a potential toaster, I am gone. I don’t want to die young. A violent man is a ticking time bomb. Such men should be alone. They don’t need to be in relationship because they have deep seated issues to deal with before dating.


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