10 things you shouldn’t do when you fight with your friend

It is inevitable to fight with your friend. Fights are like tests in relationships. Two different people from different backgrounds and with different experiences will fight when are building a friendship.

While it is not a bad thing to fight with your friend, it’s absolutely wrong to treat them badly because you both had a misunderstanding.

It’s unfair to drag your friend through the mud because of a misunderstanding. It’s evil to even use the things they have told you about themselves to hurt them.

If you must fight fair with your friend, don’t do these 10 things. You might live to regret it.

Don’t use what your friend told you in private against them. You are breaking their trust and hurting them.

Don’t start mocking them with their life’s challenges. Your life is not perfect. You don’t know what the future has in store for you.

10 things you shouldn’t do when you fight with your friend

Don’t taunt your friend with everything you have done for her. That’s a terrible thing to do. You don’t know tomorrow.

Don’t recruit people to join you in ridiculing your friend. What happens when you both settle? Will you go back to tell those people too?

Don’t burn bridges during your fight. Fight like adults. Don’t shut the door completely. You never can tell where you both will meet tomorrow.

Don’t take your fight to social media. Don’t go to Facebook to do a sub post about your friend. Don’t tweet horrible things about your friend. People will use your gist to amuse themselves.

Don’t withhold good things coming to the friend you are fighting with. That’s childish. When you know someone wants to do something for a friend you are fighting with, don’t discourage them.

Don’t turn others friends against the friend you are fighting with. That says a lot about you. You are a matured person and not a tantrum throwing toddler.

Don’t refuse her apology. If she did something to hurt you, let her apologize. And if you did something wrong, you need to swallow your pride and apologize to her.

Don’t destroy your friend’s life out of anger and bitterness. You will regret this later. The people who are urging you to do so are just enjoying the fight. They don’t have your interest at heart.

So ladies, fight fair and classy.





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