Dear woman, you are stronger than you give yourself credit for

Dear woman, you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

You are not a helpless damsel in distress hoping to be rescued by a Prince Charming.

You are not incapable of living your best life like society expects you to.

You are not incomplete like some people drum into your ears.

You are strong. You are smart. You are intelligent. You are beautiful. You are magic.

You are the one who gets up every morning like you didn’t cry the night before.

You are the one who carries herself with class after the hell you have been through.

You are capable of achieving anything you set your heart to.

You are capable of soaring higher than you did yesterday.

Woman, you are stronger than you give yourself credit for

You have the power. You have the brains. You have the will. You have the drive. Use them.

Everyday you see the blue sky is an opportunity for you to work the magic only you can do.

This is your life. This is your story. This is your time. Don’t waste it.

Make your life worth living. Make your life story a best seller. Nobody can write your story like you.

Write the story of your life by living your life well. Time waits for no one. Live well.

Give yourself credit for rising anytime you fall.

Give yourself credit for refusing to give up when everything was against you.

Give yourself credit for being resilient enough to achieve your dreams.

Give yourself credit for focusing on you, your journey and your future.

You are great for being strong for others while you were falling apart.

Praise yourself for outdoing yourself and not other people.

You are dope for being everything you want to be and more.

You are a woman of great strength and courage.

Never look down on yourself.

Love yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

You deserve all the love and supportĀ  you give others.


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