Ufuoma McDermott’s open letter to her son about women is heartwarming

Nollywood actress Ufuoma McDermott recently penned down a heartwarming message to her son where she admonished him to treat women right.

This message to her son is loaded and is what many Nigerian mothers should be teaching their sons about women and relationships.


“Dear Son,
As women and I all over the world celebrate #InternationalWomensDay, I want to remind you of how depressing and bleak the world might have been without #Women.

Super beings, from all walks of life, possessing all the strength and abilities given by God to all he created in his image.

I want to remind of your role in building humanity irrespective of gender, and the equality with which you must respect and treat all beings.

I want to particularly remind you my son about the finesse and care with which you MUST treat your sister and all the girls you come in contact with.

Ufuoma McDermott with her son Isio

Yes! We are aware that many times, she would grab your toy and run off. But it is in our place to ensure that you do not hit or shove her in your mild feat of anger; because building your restraint will help you plow this annoying world we live in.

And I hope you now see how wrong you are in assuming we love her more than you. She gets punished when she’s in the wrong.

We love and cherish you both. We are old enough to know, that if you can control that emotion, you own the situation.

Son, the girls in your class are not beneath you simply because you can lift the chair and they cannot. Do not forget that there are other boys who can lift the desk and you cannot. Strength is not a measure for superiority.

Dear son, you cannot be in the room playing PS when mommy, your sister or the nanny is doing the chores. Ask to help, finish on time and together you can watch TV. Remember this prepares you for living alone as a young bachelor.

When you get older, pretty girls will walk past you and instigate a second look. Do not objectify them. Do not cat call. Remember that you are a fine gentleman: bold and confident enough to walk up politely and say “ Ma’am, you look very nice.”

Also know that you are strong enough to smile and walk away politely when she doesn’t appreciate your advance.

Darling Isio, you may get married and start a family some day. In the same way… No! Much deeper than this, love and protect them. Build a home where you family can find love and solace every time.

You see son, a man isn’t simply anyone with a penis. A man is one who is responsible on every level.”


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