Mike Ile who was accused of defrauding Facebook friends is telling his own side of the story

Mike Ile, who was accused of defrauding some facebook friends has started revealing what actually happened between him and his accusers.

Mike Ile, who was dragged all over facebook and called names because some people accused him of diverting funds he raised for charity has decided to name and shame his accusers.

Mike Ile reached out to one Ikechukwu Ani, a freelance writer on Facebook and has sent him screenshots and videos of his dealings with some of his accusers.

The screenshots are damning evidence against the people who destroyed Mike’s reputation even after he helped them get what they wanted.

Below are some of the screen shots Mike Ile sent to Ikechukwu Ani. Read and judge for yourselves. This world is a scary place.






Mike Ile has been in the eye of the storm since last year after he was accused of defrauding some of his female Facebook friends to the tune of 11 million naira. Even when he tried to defend himself, people shut him up by calling him names.

Facebook celebrity and writer, Mike Ile has been accused by another popular user and friend, Remi Adeoye of allegedly duping two women of eleven million Naira.

We tried visiting Mike’s page to get his own side of the story after learning he had a live broadcast this morning to adress the issue and give his own account, on visiting his page we found out that he has deactivated his account as we couldn’t find it.

Remi started with ‘It came to me as a shock. A person I so admired for his philanthropy in mobilizing resources for the needy was alleged to have duped two women of the sum of eleven million naira. I was so dumbfounded.’

It came to me as a shock. A person I so admired for his philanthropy in mobilizing resources for the needy was alleged to have duped two women of the sum of eleven million naira. I was so dumbfounded.

While considering how best to handle the situation, I saw an update that he intended deactivating his account. Now I will be accused of telling a one sided story if that happens. So I dropped a comment on the thread for him to tarry until the issue was sorted out. He promptly deleted the comment.

So I have no choice than to make this update. I know when that account is deactivated he will come back with another name and continue to plunder unwary women hiding under philantrophy.

You know before I can make such post I have already assembled my evidence! The scam is so mind boggling it will bring tears to your eyes.

When I made this update, I tagged the guy. He came on the thread and instead of refuting the allegations, he rained insults on me. I just checked now and he is no longer tagged. Dude has blocked me. But he cannot block the long hands of the law.”

He dropped another post and tagged it PART 2, He wrote:


“When I made Part 1 of this update yesterday about two women who were duped of eleven million Naira, I did so because the circumstances warranted it. This morning, the man concerned has made a live broadcast to explain his side of the story. I watched his broadcast from the beginning and for about twenty minutes until I lost connection because I was in transit.

While the broadcast was on i heard him shout on someone who commented that he should address the allegations and stop beating about the bush. He replied that the man should get off his wall as he was not there to entertain anyone. Well he completed the broadcast and I saw a comment from someone who watched the broadcast from beginning to the end who said he admitted collecting money from the women and told him to just pay back and stop the sob stories.

Some of you have testified to the fact that I am not a frivolous person. I did not envisage a to-and-fro posts on this issue but this update is necessary to address some of the claims he made in the video. I have already confessed that I did not watch it to the end so I will only respond to the claims I heard with my ears. Those who watched it to the end can bring up other issues that I may not address in the comment section and I will respond to them. But let me warn that unlike yesterday when I tolerated all sorts of stupid comments from people who were trying to shield a crime suspect, i will not give such latitude today. Anyone who insults any commentator on my thread will be axed.

First, he said I did not ask him a single question despite the fact that he interacted with me twice within the past one week before accusing him of fraud. That is true. First when we interacted I had not received the complaints which came in day before yesterday and yesterday from two separate individuals. Second, if you want to question a crime suspect, you must first administerer the word of caution and read him his rights. He must sign a document that you did so before anything he says can be admissible in evidence. I have never met Mike in my life. We only interact online. So it was not possible to administer that word of caution and had him sign it. As such asking him confidentially to respond to criminal allegations violates his rights and prejudices the real investigation that will be conducted by the police on this case shortly. I am already preparing a report to the Inspector – General of Police.

Second, he made allusion to the fact that the first of his victims lived in the southwest. His intention was to give the complaint and my action ethnic colouration. Well the Victim is not from my ethnic nationality and i am never affected by ethnicity in the discharge of my duties. If you commit a crime, you are a crime suspect. i have no business with your ethnic nationality. If you are a victim of crime, I do my best to get justice for you no matter where you came from. He claimed he had a relationship with the first victim. That is true. i mentioned the fact yesterday that even if he was sleeping with any or both of them, it changes nothing. Now the first victim had told me that they dated from February till May 2016. the monies she gave him then which ran to over a million naira was not included in the claims she has made. In May when he brought concept of the bogus business, (i will explain bogus shortly), the lady severed the relationship and said she didn’t mix business with pleasure.

So from May, 2016 it was purely business that connected them. I called it bogus business designed only to siphon money from the hapless women because one, he boasted that he had a lawyer who registered the company bla bla bla. Yet none of those he scammed were listed as directors. he never opened a company account to receive the funds he collected in his personal account. There is no written contract or agreement to document the investments of the so called investors whom he merely set out to dupe. None of the women victims had any say over issue of finance while all the money went into his private account to do with as he pleased. I have already received statement of account of the victims covering the period and there is no exaggeration in the sums moved to his account. You guys should ask him what he did with eleven million Naira within months.”

So now that Mike Ile is stating his own side of the story, did he really dupe those women or it was love gone sour?


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