Why do men find it hard to accept reality when a woman leaves them?

Facing reality seems hard for some men. These men refuse to face the reality staring them in the face.

One thing I don’t understand is why men who don’t treat their wives well turn around to start calling these women names when they leave their sorry asses.

You saw a woman. You loved her. You were captivated by her. You chased her. You told family and friends that she’s the best thing that happened to you after a quickie.

You dated her. You got engaged and you got married. You suddenly became possessed by the spirits from your village who don’t want you to be happy.

She cried. She begged. She prayed. She got family involved but you kept turning your head from left to right like a hungry agama lizard. You felt she was finished.

Whenever she complained about your bad attitude and philandering, you tell her to pack her things and leave if she doesn’t want to endure like her mother did.

Why do men find it hard to accept reality when their wives leave them

For years, she held on to hope. She kept trying to make the marriage work but you continued frustrating her efforts. You started threatening her life.

Then one day, it hit her. You don’t care about her life and that if your children. She understood that it wasn’t her fault that you refused to work on your marriage with her.

She left. She got an apartment and moved in with your kids. She moved on with her life. She told you to come and collect your dowry but you refused claiming that her eyes will clear.

Years after she moved out, you started stalking her. You would appear in the same places she goes and start calling her names. You will shamelessly call her a whore.

Uncle, your head is not correct. Why did you remain married to a whore for years? Why is a prostitute the mother of your children? Why are you crying that she left you?

I have heard many people say ‘na man dey leave woman’. I wonder why a woman can’t leave a man threatening her sanity and life.

Why do men find it hard to accept reality when a woman leaves them? This is your reality now, live with it. If you don’t face your reality, how can you move on?

Dear men, when a woman leaves you, accept the reality that you lost her and do better next time in your next relationship.


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