Things that women endure just to keep their marriages

In a place somewhere, a family is about to lose a lifetime opportunity to alleviate poverty just because the opportunity was presented to the woman and the man couldn’t accept the idea because he is the “head” of the family and doesn’t see himself depending on the wife. Stupidity is indeed  bliss.

In another place somewhere, a lady is about to tie the knot with a man who has publicly slapped her on several occasions and one who is known as a chronic woman beater. People tell her to manage him like that because love conquers all. Some people play too much.

In another place somewhere, a man is about to marry a working class lady, knowing fully well that he wants a full time housewife. He has demanded that she will give up her well paying job after marriage and aunty has agreed. This one is a clear case of destiny killers on the prowl.

In a place, a woman is being abused

In another place somewhere, a woman is turning a blind eye while her “He goat” of a horseband sexually abuse an under age girl she calls a househelp. She’s blaming these underage girls who are being sexually molested home breakers for seducing her poor baby husband. These women are not okay upstairs.

In another place, a woman who is complaining about her husband’s constant womanizing acts is commanded to kneel down and beg him for forgiveness for going through his phone and discovering his philandering.

In another place, a woman who gives birth to girls is being emotionally abused and threatened for filling her husband’s house with girls. She is told that she will be returned to her family if she gives birth to another girl.

In another place, a woman is being threatened to be sent packing if she doesn’t allow her in-laws disrespect her and tell her what to do in her own home. She’s called arrogant, proud and unsubmissive.

In another place, a woman is being hounded to continue praying for her wicked and abusive husband because God hates divorce and if she leaves him, she doesn’t know if the next man would be worse.

In another place, a woman is told not to accept promotion at work so that she won’t become richer than her husband and start rubbing shoulders with him.


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