10 annoying things average Nigerian wives do

The average Nigerian wife blames the devil when her husband cheats, sexually harasses a female or sexually abuses a minor. She fasts and prays for him to change.

The average Nigerian wife shamelessly goes out to disgrace herself in the name of fighting dirty with her husband’s side chics on the street or on socal media, while she protects and makes numerous dumb excuses for her philandering husband who deliberately broke his vows and betrayed her. Remember, men are like babies even though they are the head of home.

The average Nigerian wife will rather send her maid or younger sister who who was raped by her husband packing, in the name of protecting her home. She doesn’t even mind hating and labeling her daughter who is being sexually abused by her husband a witch, just to remain married.

An average Nigerian woman makes excuses for her husband’s irresponsibility

The average Nigerian wife is most likely to forgive a philandering husband a million times. She welcomes him home with a huge smile on her face even when she has been crying all day and will still cry all night.
Serve him his favourite meal, even when she knows he is coming straight from his mistress house.
Then jump into bed with him just to display more bedmatics and acrobatics skills in bed and try to out do the side chic instead of confronting him for disrespecting, cheating and betraying her.

This brand of Nigerian wife will rather remain in a toxic and abusive marriage, spend weeks in the hospital because her head (husband) broke her ‘semi-head,’ neck or ankle while beating her, than be called a divorcee.
Remember her husband is her crown and pride, without him in her life she is a worthless human.

The average Nigerian wife is weak, doesn’t believe she is an equal human to her husband, thinks she has lesser human rights than her husband, is always afraid to lose her marriage, is always ready to take blames for things she isn’t responsible for, has extreme low self esteem issues, shrinks and dumbs down herself to fit in and be seen as a submissive wife, is so obsessed with staying married that she is ready to tolerate and even do the unthinkable to remain married.

Repeat after me ladies:
May I not be this version of a Nigerian wife, may I not have one as friend or relative, and may I not raise my daughter(s) to become one.
God forbid!

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