10 ways to strengthen mother-daughter relationships

As a mom, do you want to strengthen your relationship with your daughter? Do you feel you both of you seem to be from different planets because your relationship is not what you want it to be?

There are many unhealthy mother daughter relationships these days that you begin to wonder why some mothers and their daughters hardly get along.

Even though mother daughter relationship breakdown is not new, mothers should learn strategies for mother daughter conflict resolution. This will help them relate better with their daughters.

Strengthening mother-daughter relationships is important in families. A study revealed that girls who have good relationships with their mothers are more assertive, have better grades in school and also feel more confident in relationships with men.

Having a daughter who knows herself and what she wants out of life makes a mother happy, but maintaining a good mother-daughter relationship provide opportunities for lifelong bonding and friendship.

Understanding mother and daughter relationship psychology is something mothers should be familiar with so that they can enjoy great relationships with their daughters.

Below are 10 ways mothers can improve mother daughter relationships:

How to strengthen mother daughter relationships

Start from birth

If you want to create a loving and secure relationship with your daughter, start on the day she’s born. Be present in her life. Love and care for your daughter. Let her know how much you love her through your words and actions.

Tell your daughter she’s beautiful

It is important for your daughter to hear this, it boosts her self confidence. When you tell your daughter she is beautiful, emphasize the importance of being beautiful from the inside. Compliment her eyes, body, skin, legs, intelligence and smile.

Make time for her

You can’t be an absent mom and expect your relationship with your daughter to be great. Your absence tells her that she’s not important to you. Have discussion times with your daughter. Ask her questions and allow her answer you honestly. Spend quality time with your daughter.

Listen to your daughter

Daughters love to talk and vocalize. Listen more to what she’s saying rather than shutting her up or judging her. Listen to her dreams and wishes in life. Don’t violate her trust when she shares something with you in confidence. This is how to heal mother daughter relationship.

Teach your daughter new things

Strained mother daughter relationships may require that you teach your daughter new things. While it is great to teach your daughter how to cook, clean, read or do chores, you also need to teach her how to fix a car, and how to fix things at home. This will give her confidence to tackle challenges many girls find hard to handle.

Have fun times with your daughter

Mothers should make time for fun. It’s important to create time for mother daughter dates. You both can go out for an ice cream treat or go to see a movie. Do fun and entertaining things together. Build fun memories that can make a big difference in your relationship. Building this healthy bond will help during mother daughter conflict resolution.

Have realistic expectations

Mothers often have idealistic expectations about their relationship. Many mothers have this mental picture of who their daughters should be, how they should act and behave. Such expectations may hurt. Mother daughter relationships gone bad can be healed by letting go of expectations.


Lack of communication is a common challenge with moms and daughters. Moms and daughters aren’t mind readers, and they must be clear and calmly state how they are feeling. Mothers should communicate with their daughters with respect. This attitude strengthens your relationship.

Put yourself in your daughter’s shoes

You need large doses of empathy to build a healthy relationship with your daughter. Remember that she was born and raised in a different generation with different values and difficult family relationships and issues from yours. This understanding will help you relate better with her and strengthen your bond.

Forgive your daughter

Forgiving your daughter whenever she wrongs you will improve your relationship. Forgiveness is not condoning, pardoning or minimizing the impact of what she has done, but it improves your well-being as a mom. This is one of the ways to strengthen your relationship.



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