Joy Isi Bewaji comes for Naija male feminists bashing women for daring to love

Naija male feminists want women to exercise their equal rights by asking men out. Except when the woman isn’t as pretty as they desire, then she is humiliated privately and publicly.

They want women to pay for dates, but then they assume she’s paying because she wants a man desperately.

They want women to be bold enough to ask for sex, yet it becomes a thing to yap about when they can’t seem to achieve anything else in life except a tinnie-winnie penis fighting for turgidity.

I have read and shuddered at these despicable creatures from afar.

A woman travels to visit you, she is shamed.

She buys you roasted plantain, it shows she is trying to act the caring part in deceiving you to love her… like you’re some fucking toddler.

If she cooks, she is mocked for trying to wear 100 yards of wife material for your benefit.

Everything she does, mocked by patriarchy, you lot wanking under feminism gladly endorse on behalf of a system that has dragged her down for so long..

What a disgrace.

Both male and female feminists in Nigeria are so disgraceful.

It doesn’t matter your level of intelligence, you continue to show how much of an animal you are, rid of kindness and empathy.

Even animals show some form of understanding to their kind.

Joy Isi Bewaji slams Naija male feminists

I am so ashamed on your behalf. So ashamed of the women who love you. So ashamed of the life you will bring to this world. I am ashamed of the happiness you create for yourselves (and the women you claim to love), away from the unnecessary humiliation you cause other women who just want to exercise their freedom to love and to be.

I am ashamed that I have to call you humans. You are beasts.

By God! You people are beasts. How you can find any joy degrading a woman for wanting you or loving you at anytime on this green earth, is something I can never understand, especially when you parade as a feminist.

This is not my battle. It is not even my story. But I am distraught.

I’m going to call my Yoruba man now and tell him how much I love him for never shaming me even though he had to pay for everything even to the colour of the paint in my new office.

I know I play alot these days here… because I am comfortable and I can afford to faff around… and I have come to understand the dynamics of relationship so well that I only choose men who have their heads screwed on right. Too right to ever think of making social media a beer parlour to shame women’s lusts and desires. These needs women have, are valid. Whether you accept it or not.

But women, I beg you. Stop hurting yourselves with these terrible human beings. Be deliberate. Seek happiness in places that empower you. Seek love with men who will never judge so cruelly.

And if you have ever loved a man who thought it was cool to attack you later, dust that shit off your collar and move on. Leave him to die with the flies at the tip of his beer bottle.

Just. Move. On.

You are not a criminal for loving.

By God! We didn’t live this low even in secondary school.

I puke on you lot.


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