What if we teach our daughters they can be their own princess charming

What if we don’t see our daughters as a yoke to be broken.

What if our girls are made to understand that they could be their own Princess Charming.

What if we don’t exclude our daughters when making important family decisions.

What if we avail our girls with construction toys as well, and not just Pinky Barbie Dolls.

What if girls go in pursuit of their dreams aside marriage without getting scornful looks.

What if the line, ‘Like a girl’ isn’t used as derogatory/sexist insult.

What if ladies ain’t termed bossy when they are merely being assertive.

What if we teach our daughters they could do better

What if women could boldly state their opinion without the tendency to start with, “I am sorry but…”

What if ‘may you find a good husband’ not be the first thing to fall out when ‘blessing’ a girl.

What if girls are taught from childhood to dream big, think big and live big without trying to clip their wings when they start flying too high.

What if women have autonomy of their bodies and sexuality without the opposite sex feeling entitled to an opinion.

What if both genders get to be assessed based on capacity when it comes to leadership roles without gender based bias.

What if grown women don’t have to downplay their intellect and abilities as not to threaten their partners.

What if women don’t have to run from pillar to post trying to give birth to male children to prove their womaness to their husbands and family members.

What if women are not expected to turn a blind eye to the irresponsibility of their husbands so that they can be called virtuous even when they are dying gradually emotionally.

What if we are depriving ourselves of a beautiful world by taking these things for granted.

What if women and girls are allowed to live their full lives without being told how to talk, act and live.

Our society will be better off for it.



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