CEO Havilah Clothing gives 10 clothes to Cee-C former BBN housemate

Havilah Kite, CEO of Havilah Clothing is tired of how people are treating and insulting former BBN housemate, Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Cee-C.

Havilah who is known to be very fashionable and owns an upscale boutique in Ikoyi, Lagos has released 10 dresses for the controversial former housemate just to encourage her to be better.

Havilah took to her facebook wall to pour out her heart concerning what she thinks about the hate many people are showing towards Cee-C.

Havilah wrote:

“I want to Rant…
I am still in shock how we’ve all criticized condemned and almost sent this girl to early grave…
Her behaviour is minus Zero..
But hey who amongst us is a saint?
Who amongst is with fault?
Who amongst us hasn’t done stuff we still regret daily?


Cee-C gets 10 dresses from CEO Havilah Clothing

Who is without sin go ahead lets take a knife and go look for her and kill her once and for all so social media can have peace..
So in calling her all those names are we not equally not as horrible as she is
80 percent are even women Gosh!!!
When will we start loving the unlovable then really we can say we are of God…
Till then I say GO TO HELL…
Where is the CHRIST in us?
What about teaching and correcting her in love?
I am not happy at all.
This hate is damn too much..
If you know her when the dust is all settled bring her to me..
I want to give her 10 Dresses and take her out to lunch and dance with her and give her small talk as I will be led..
I love Ceece I hate her behaviour..
You can block unfriend me after this I dont care..

I simply ask myself a question when faced with an issue..


Would He say stone her or forgive her love her up and mentor her through counselling ?

I have made mistakes but right counsel made me better person (Even though I would like to say I am still work in progress) so I have empathy for those who have too..
@Ceec_official send a trusted person to come pick your clothes and see me when you can God bless you.i love you..❤❤❤❤❤❤
#IChooseToLoveCeecee #IChooseToPray4Ceece

Cee-C has been receiving gifts even though some people claim she ended up empty handed after the competition. She even got an endorsement deal alongside side Nina for Slim girl shape wear. She will join the likes of Tonya Wright, Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose as the brand’s ambassador .

We wish Cee-C all the best.




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