10 ways to connect with your teenager

As a mother, you know that staying connected to your teenager is not easy. When children get to teenage age, they start showing off their independent side. Your boy or girl who loves to hug and cuddle with you starts avoiding your display of affection.

Many mothers are confused on how best to connect with their teenage children. Reconnecting with your teenage daughter and son might be difficult because they may not want to talk to you even if it is clear something is bothering them.

But you can get them talking if you know how to break down the walls they put up because they feel you may not understand them. Here are 10 ways mothers can connect with their teenagers and build a great relationship with them.

*Always say ‘I love you’

This should be done with sincerity. You should tell your teen you love him or her because you are glad they are your child and you are happy to be their mom. Leave notes for your teenager telling them how much you love them and you don’t have to wait for special occasions to do that.

*Do fun things together

Spending time with your teenager is very important if you want to have a good relationship with him or her. There are fun things to do with your teenage son and there are fun things to do with your teenage daughter. Hanging out with your teen in a relaxed environment can help draw your teen out of their shell.

10 ways to connect with your teenager

*Tell stories about your teenage years

Reminiscing about when you were young will help your teen see you more as a person and less like a parent. Telling your teen of your past adventures and tricks, they are more likely to tell you about theirs.

*Welcome your teenager’s friends

When you welcome your teen’s friends, your teen will be home more. When your kids are forced to see you through their friend’s eyes, they realize that you are only looking out for their best interests and they can actually count on you. This is how to communicate with teenage daughter or son with actions.

*No lectures please

Don’t use accusatory words when talking to your teenager. Lecturing your teen will only cause him or her to stop listening and shut down. If you have discovered something about your teen that needs to be addressed, control your anger and state how you feel in a clear way.

*Share your teenager’s interests

Does your teenager love arts, music or sports? Whatever your teen’s interests and hobbies are, make them your interests too. Talking about something your teenager is truly passionate about will make it easier to connect with him or her.

*Give your teen breathing space

Dear mom, don’t smother your teen with questions to make it seem like you are interested in his or her life. Teenagers value their space and giving it to your teen shows that you trust him or her to behave well. Knowing this will help your teen confide in you more. This is how to connect with your teenage son or daughter.

*Have daily conversations

You need to have just simple conversations with your teen to connect. Ask specific questions about your teen’s day. When you have simple, daily conversations with your teen, it will give you insight into your teen’s world. This will solve the many ‘my teenager won’t talk to me’ issue.

*Stick to a ritual

You should have a monthly ritual that you and your teen always do together. This will make your teen feel special and give him or her something to look forward to. Teens love and enjoy one-on-one attention, so make it a point to schedule regular dates with your teenager.

*Enjoy family meals together

Enjoying dinner with your teen is a great way to catch up with what they are up to. Ask your teen to stay away from their phones so that your family can enjoy bonding moments over dinner. This way, they won’t be distracted by calls or notifications from their social media accounts.




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