10 ways jealousy destroys your relationship

Jealousy ruins relationships once it gets out of hand. When you make a place for jealousy in your relationship, all it does is leaves you frustrated and ruins your peace.

Jealousy in a relationship is most often an indication of insecurity. When you don’t feel secure enough to believe that your partner is true to you, you start questioning and attacking them.

Here are 10 ways jealousy kills relationships.

Your fears grow

Jealousy in relationships quotes is many but you don’t have to experience the pains this can cause in your relationship before you watch it. Jealousy breeds fear. You are constantly afraid of him cheating, of you ending up alone, of you getting hurt again.

It wrecks your relationship

Constant arguing, guilt-tripping and lost trust are signs your relationship is being poisoned by jealous attitude. If you truly love your partner and want to make things work, act upon jealousy the moment it springs up. Jealousy in marriage is very toxic. Watch it!

10 ways jealousy destroys relationships

Insecurity reigns supreme

You are so insecure in your relationship that you start looking for signs of infidelity and start waiting for something bad to happen. Even when things are going well, you still feel that something is wrong with your partner.

You become obsessed with spying

When you are obsessed with the need to know every single detail of your partner’s life, you are allowing the greened-eye monster take control. You become obsessed with his free time, with his time at work where he goes and who called him and why.

Possessiveness appears

What does jealousy do to a relationship? It gives rise to extreme possessiveness. You start feeling like you own your partner. You don’t own him and your possessiveness is a sure way to destroy your relationship. You have to address the issue before it becomes too late.

It’s a waste of time

When you get jealous, you spend your time thinking about what bad can happen rather than focusing on the positive side of your partner and your relationship. You waste productive time fretting over things that are probably not true. Don’t allow your man say ‘my jealous girlfriend is ruining our relationship.

Your suffering starts

Your obsession with knowing everything about your partner starts draining you. Soon, you will start suffering physically because of the jealousy that’s gotten out of hand. If you don’t talk about your issues, both of you will suffer and your relationship may not survive it.

Your relationship becomes controlling

Possessiveness gives birth to the need to control your partner. Aside wanting to own him, you also want to know every detail about the things he does, a need for controlling him comes next. You need him to behave in a certain way, to ignore certain people and spend his free time with you on your terms. You are hurting and damaging your partner by trying to control him.

It makes you lose your peace

Getting jealous will make you lose your peace. You can’t have peace if you are constantly worrying about losing your partner, about their behavior and about their free time. You are questioning your man’s feelings and loyalty and that’s not cool.

It’s toxic for you

Your body responds and reacts to emotions. It produces the similar chemical of what they are experiencing and feeling. You should know that toxic thoughts and emotions turn your body into a toxic system that can have negative effects on you. Save yourself from this monster.


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