10 signs your liver is unhealthy

An unhealthy liver is not good. Your liver is a powerhouse. It is busy everyday filtering out toxins, helping with digestion, creating energy from the food you eat, and working with your immune system to get rid of invaders that might make you sick.

Because of how important your liver is, it is crucial to know when you are experiencing unhealthy liver symptoms as well as early signs of liver damage.

This important organ is located just on the right side of your abdomen under your rib cage, and it is the nerve centre of most important metabolic and enzymatic activities. This means it must be healthy to do it’s job well.

It’s most important function is to support the digestive processes by helping your body process fats. It secretes bile that is sent to the gallbladder, where it neutralizes fats.

The liver also plays a large role in providing energy by storing carbohydrates as glycogen, which is basically a form of glucose. This store of glycogen is responsible for providing immediate energy when your body demands it.

And when your body is low on carbohydrates, your liver can also create glucose from other sources, like fats and proteins, through a process called gluconeogenesis.

It acts as a potent filter to remove toxic substances from the blood. It’s also responsible for producing several vital components of plasma which are essential for healthy blood clotting mechanisms.

Once your liver breaks down there is nothing else that can filter out all of the toxins in your body. That is why, when your body gives you some signs you should not neglect the chance to keep your liver healthy.

Here are 10 signs your liver is unhealthy.

10 signs your liver is unhealthy

Yellow skin

Your liver is responsible for breaking down hemoglobin. Red blood cells which have outlived their utility are filtered out by the liver and broken down. But when there’s a problem with liver function such as chronic active hepatitis or cirrhosis, the skin turns yellow. This yellow discoloration is not limited to the skin alone; it also can affect the eyes and mouth.


You will feel tired all the time when something is wrong with your liver. This is because your body works twice as hard to repel toxins. It is one of the early symptoms of liver disease. See a good doctor immediately.

Change in urine colour

If you are sure that everything alright with your hydration but your urine color has changed, this may be a clear sign that there is something wrong with your liver. The colour of your urine is how to tell if your liver is functioning properly.


Nausea is a symptom of many diseases but constantly feeling like that may also mean that your liver is damaged, and can’t deal with all the toxins in your body properly. It is one of the signs that your liver is struggling.

Intestinal bleeding

If you have blood in your stool, you don’t need to wait to get yourself checked immediately. This is one of the early signs of liver disease. You must not joke with your health.

Fluid retention

When you experience fluid retention, it may also mean that your liver is not functioning properly. You can check out unhealthy liver images to find out more about retaining water in your body.


If you are feeling pain where your liver is supposed to be located, there may something wrong with it and you should check it out as soon as possible. Visit your doctor without delay.


If there is a constant rash you have never experienced before or bruises all over your body – you should start worrying. It may be that your liver is damaged and not healthy.


When your liver is damaged you will experience indigestion all the time. That is why if you have diarrhea all the time, or an upset stomach or any other signs of constant indigestion, you should call your doctor.

Loss of appetite

A loss of appetite and weight loss may seem like something nice at first sight, but it may mean that your liver is not working properly. This is one of the symptoms of poorly functioning liver. It means your liver is not healthy.



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