10 annoying advice people give Nigerian women with cheating husbands

Nigerian women with cheating husbands get loads of annoying advice from family members and friends alike.

*Pray for him to change. He is not in his right senses. The devil is out to get your marriage, don’t allow him win.

*Men are polygamous in nature. As long as he takes care of you and your children, ignore his serial cheating.

*Go and watch War Room and get prayer points from there?

*What did you do to push him outside? Check yourself to see if you are not the one who turned him into a cheat. Men love varieties, are you giving him different things.

10 annoying advice people give women with cheating husbands

*Don’t ask him about his many lovers, you may lose him forever to the strange woman. Just pretend all is well and focus on your home. When he gets tired, he will come back home to you.

*Dress more sexy. Cook his favourite food. Give him different sex styles and outdo his babe. You must not slack otherwise you will lose your husband completely to the strange woman.

*You should thank God that he is not bringing his lovers home. You are his wife, others are just play things. Don’t destroy the peace in your home by fighting him.

*If you leave him now, do you know if the next man will be worse? You better remain in your marriage. It rains everywhere. All men cheat.

*Even if you catch your husband in bed with his lover, don’t question him. Don’t raise your voice at him. Ask him respectfully later and believe whatever he tells you. Cheating is what men do they claim.

*Anoint your husband’s clothes and shoes so that he won’t stray into a willing vagina. Put condom in his box if he’s travelling out of town. It is better to be safe than sorry. You must remember that all men cheat so it is better for him to cheat with protection.

*Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus before you have sex with him if you know he has sex with different women without protection. You serve a mighty God who won’t allow you contract deadly STDs and HIV.

These annoying advisers should just go and sit down and advice cheating men to stop hurting their wives and families. A man cheats because he has the means and opportunity and because he knows people will make excuses for him. Women get tempted too yet they don’t go about desecrating their marriages like many men do.


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