12 common mistakes you make when washing your face

While it is important for you to wash your face, it is not only how you wash your face that matters but when, how often, and what type of face wash you use.

Even if you know how to wash your face in the shower, you may still be doing it wrongly. You should also know how to clean your face naturally at home.

While washing your face with just water is a good idea, you can invest in natural face cleansers that will improve the look of your face too.

But there are some mistakes women make when washing their faces that should be corrected. Here are 10 mistakes you are making when washing your face.

Mistake 1: Skipping your morning face cleanse

Cleansing your face before you sleep is not all you need to wake up with a fresh face. Washing your face in the morning is a good idea because germs from your pillowcase can move to your face as you sleep. A fast rinse in the morning freshen your skin and allows other skin-care products you apply to absorb well.

Mistake 2: Using hot water on your face

Hot water is not a friend to your face. Extreme temperatures, such as hot, steamy showers or hot water, can cause dilation of blood vessels and breakage of delicate tissue. Hot water makes your skin dry out faster and become more itchy and flaky over time. Use lukewarm water to wash your face instead. This is how to wash face correctly.

Mistake 3: Washing your face with a bar of soap

If you have a sensitive skin, don’t use a bar soap on your face. This harsh cleanser strips the natural hydrators from the skin, which can leave your face inflamed and red from broken blood vessels.

Go for gentle cleansers that respect the pH balance of your skin. They won’t irritate your skin and are gentle enough to be used twice a day. This is the best thing to wash your face with.

Mistake 4: Using a wrong cleanser for your skin type

That face cleanser that totally transformed your friend’s skin might not do the same for you. Stick to a hydrating, gentle cleanser if you have a sensitive skin. Go for salicylic acid-based cleanser to remove excess oil and dirt if you have oily or acne prone skin. If you have a dry skin, use a cream cleanser to help your skin’s top layer retain more moisture.

12 common mistakes you make when you wash your face

Mistake 5: Not moisturizing right after cleansing

Moisturizing your face makes a big difference. Experts recommend applying moisturizer right after washing your face. If you wait even a few minutes, the surface cells dehydrate and are actually harder to moisturize. Moisturizers provide key nurturing ingredients that leave you with a clean and hydrated surface. If your daytime moisturizer doesn’t have a SPF, apply a sunscreen on top. The SPF will help protect all the hard work you have been putting into your skin care.

Mistake 6: Removing makeup with face cleanser

Your cleanser shouldn’t double as your makeup remover. Many makeup brands are smudge proof or waterproof, so basic cleansers will not remove them thoroughly. It is important to use a gentle makeup removing wipe, or oil-based makeup remover before you wash especially when removing long-wear makeup.

Mistake 7: Scrubbing and lathering for too long

The length of time you lather does not correlate to how well you cleansed your face. You want to aim for about 20 or 30 seconds, but any more than that could do more harm than good. Over scrubbing especially when using an exfoliating wash, can quickly lead to irritated skin.

Wet your face with lukewarm water and use your fingertips to apply cleanser in a circular motion. Once you have built up a nice lather, rinse, and carefully pat dry with a soft, clean towel set aside for your face only.

Mistake 8: Wiping your face with body towel

Do you wipe your face and body with one towel? Even though your entire body is freshly washed, you don’t want to spread the bacteria from your body to your face because different microorganisms live in different areas of your body. Instead, have a separate towel for your face.

Mistake 9: Washing too often

Ideally you should be washing your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, with the exception of after workouts and excessive sweating. Washing your face too much leads to dry, irritated skin. It can actually lead to the skin producing too much oil. Stick to twice-a-day routine if you didn’t wear makeup, sweated a lot or used a heavy sunscreen.

Mistake 10: Using makeup wipes only to clean your face

Cleaning your face with a cleansing cloth is not good enough, experts warn. Although cleansing clothes remove makeup and dirt, they also leave behind a residue. Use them first to remove makeup if needed, then rinse away the remaining residual oils and bacteria with a gentle face cleanser.

Mistake 11: Washing your face after using a mask

Most face masks and peels instruct you to wash your face before using their product. This is because skin treatments require a completely bare and cleansed face so that the ingredients can fully penetrate.

You don’t need to cleanse again after you have washed them off your face. Masks are able to deliver key ingredients stronger than serums, so let your skin enjoy their hydration and repair benefits long after you have taken it off.

Mistake 12: Exfoliating your face too much

Exfoliating can help remove dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin to improve skin radiance but over exfoliating your face can lead to microscopic tears in the outer skin layer leading to inflammation and irritation. You don’t need to exfoliate more than once or twice per week.



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