Seyi Shay says many men are scared of successful women

Seyi Shay thinks that many men are scared of successful women when it comes to marriage. Seyi Shay’s interest in music was influenced by her family members. Her late mother was a chorister and her sister used to compose songs for television series, while her brother was a disc jockey.

When Seyi Shay left her former girl band, her parents advised her to move to Nigeria and she was introduced to some people who had connections in Lagos. Within a year that she relocated to Nigeria, she recorded two songs and a video. But she began with free shows before she actually started earning money.

Seyi Shay says many men are scared of successful women

Seyi Shay revealed that before her mother died, her mother told her to do everything she wanted to do before marriage. She also told her not to allow any man come between her and her dream. Seyi Shay feels that there are many men who are scared of successful women but she is ready for marriage whenever it comes.

Seyi Shay gets inspiration from her mood or experience. A good beat also inspires her. Right Now is her favourite song so far. When she performed Right Now at the last edition of the All Africa Music Awards, the crowd was very excited and everyone sang along with her. Despite the hall being crowded with people from different parts of Africa, they connected to the song. But Yoloyolo has transformed my music career. It has taken her to East Africa and South Africa.

Seyi Shay calls her music style afro-salsa. When she released Yoloyolo, she loved the way people fell in love with it; so, she decided to stick to the style. She calls it a happy sound. With the situation in the country now, people need to be happy and stay positive. Yoloyolo is an original afro beat song but she commercialized it. If you listen to it deeply, it has an element of the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s afrobeat. She only made the sound contemporary.

Seyi Shay attended Command High School in Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria. She also attended to a music school before proceeding to the University of East London, United Kingdom where she studied Business Management.


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