What is life without your true love?

It’s a life of misery and heartache when your soul mate is not spouse. It is an emotional torture to stare into the eyes of someone you don’t love. It hurts to wake up every day beside someone you don’t love.

Love is the most beautiful thing ever and if you have ever been in love, you will understand what I am saying. It makes you smile and giggle for no reason. It makes you break into different dance moves.

Love, that sweet feeling that makes your heart beat faster. It makes you feel like a child again. You are so happy with your love that you don’t want to do anything to hurt them.

When you are in love with someone, you want to hold them, touch them, kiss them, make love to them and make them happy. You want to protect them and make their dreams come true. You do things without waiting for them to ask first.

Love is sweet. Love is beautiful. Love is sensual. Love is orgasmic. Love makes you high. Love leaves you fulfilled. Love makes you radiate with joy. Love brings you peace. If you have not fallen in love, you haven’t truly lived.

This is why I don’t understand why people end up with men and women they don’t love. I don’t understand why a man or woman would give up the love of their lives because of religion and family members.

How can you subject yourself to a lifetime of unhappiness and misery because you want to please family members? It’s your life. You should be the one to decide who you want to spend the rest of our life with and not your relatives.

You can marry your love and make your relatives understand that you have taken the decision for both of you and your to-be-children or sacrifice your love for their sake and cry for the rest of your life.

Life without your true love is living in misery

I heard a story about a young man who is living a sad life today because he allowed his elder sister dictate to him who he should marry. This man was in love with a beautiful, smart, hardworking and well behaved lady who was also head over heels in love with him.

They met in the University and became glued to each other throughout their University days. It was love at first sight according to him. He fell in love with her the first time he saw her. They shared everything together. They encouraged each other. They planned their future together.

They were happy. Their mates envied them. They became the reference point for other young lovers but they didn’t see that they won’t be together forever like they had planned. It took the elder sister of the young man to destroy everything they had built. They were condemned to a life of unhappiness afterwards.

After school, they both decided that it was time to get their families involved in their love story that lasted for five years. But that was when their problems started. The elder sister of the guy hated the girl for no reason. She told her brother that he won’t marry that girl. And because she was his benefactor and the one who saw him through school, he obeyed her.

After pleading with her for some months to allow him marry the love of his life, he gave up. He sadly informed his love, the one his heart beats for that their dreams of being husband and wife won’t be a reality. He told her he can’t go against his elder sister’s wish because she is like his mom.

He told her that she took care of them after their parents died. So, he has no choice but to do her bidding even if it means living miserably for the rest of his life. The situation broke the young lady’s heart. She pleaded with him not to break up with her but his mind was made up.

Years after they broke up, the lady invited him for her wedding. They have been in contact even after breaking up. At her wedding, he broke down in tears. He cried seeing her holding another man lovingly and looking into his eyes. He cried listening to her make the same promise she made to him to someone else.

As much as he tried to hide it, he couldn’t contain his emotions. He left during the church ceremony. He couldn’t stand her marrying another man. He thought he was over her but when he saw her saying her wedding vows, his emotions took over. He was filled with regret. He regretted listening to his sister. He felt like a coward for not fighting for his love. It was clear that she was the love of his life.

At another time, he attended the wedding of their course mate in the university and saw her again, his mood changed. Before she arrived with her husband, he was in high spirits chatting with their other course mates but as soon as she stepped into the venue; his eyes welled up with tears.

He suddenly became quiet. His friends noticed what was going on and tried to cheer him. But he left after some minutes. He said he couldn’t help crying whenever he sees his ex with her husband. He doesn’t feel for his wife what he feels for her and he’s living in misery.

He has been married for seven years now and has three children but he’s miserable. He said his wife has tried everything in her power to make him happy but she has not succeeded. He is also unhappy making her miserable because he doesn’t love her as much as he loves his first love.

I feel for this man. It is not a pleasant thing to lose the love of your life not because they died but because someone said you can’t marry them. You watch as they leave and build their lives with someone else while you live a sad, miserable life. You continue hoping that one day, both of you will reunite and live out your beautiful love story.

Are you living with a man or woman you don’t love? Do you still miss the love of your life? How are you coping in a marriage with someone you don’t love like your ex? What happens when you run into the love of your life? Do you start crying or become moody? Are you feeling so much misery that you just don’t want to set your eyes on your once true love?

Do you silently wish that they divorce their spouses and come back to you? Do you regret not fighting for your love? Did you allow family members or religion keep you from ending up with the love of your love? If you didn’t end up with the love of your life, how is your life now? Will you give up the love of your life for someone?


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