Facebook on fire as Amara Blessing marries 3rd husband

Life Coach, Amara Blessing Nwosu whose second marriage to Francis Van-Lare hit the rocks seven months ago has married another man.

This is her 3rd marriage and many Nigerians are reacting to the news of her new marriage.

Buchi Stein Omezue said:

In other news, “Amara Van Lare” abi Amara Nwosu is said to have remarried. Her third marriage mehn, she cannot come and get deported πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

When Francis was saying this people said he was misyarning. Naija girls cannot dull at all oh.”

Lolo Jecinta Amaka Arinze said:

“Inukwam record breaking!
One two three and still counting…
BIKO let her remain for people wey still they find. Which one be one woman testing three husbands. I thought after the Van something divorce she will just stay unmarried and face her life. Let me be going sha… It’s not my marriage.”

Uche Odita said:

“Provided she knows what she is doing.. Marrying and re marrying numerous time does not mean she is happy.. Its better to watch and have some confidence in what u r about to do… 3 times hmmmm. Okay oh. I wish her the best this time around.”

Jennifer Ngozi Chukwukaene said:

“I love that guy more bikonu. Correct guy I tell you. It takes a MAN … Correct guy to do this trust me… many women are actually this strong… the men ehn.”

Juma Ibila said:

“OMG!!! No time to waste, meeeen!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒDear Boo, I’m definitely seeing you soon. I ain’t wasting time no more.”

Venatious Chikwado Okpara said:

“Amara is out to break record. She is competing with the Samaritan woman of John 4. Her husbands must reach 17 before she depart this earth.”

Mo Okibe said:

Her game is tight oooo…hian…that was quick…have they already secured a divorce before she’ll be done for bigamy?

Jennifer Ubani-Ukoma Nwankpa said:

“That snake! After deceiving young girls about submission and all the balderdash she used to preach, she got tired of pretending. I am glad that many people like me saw through her pretence.

To be honest I ain’t mad at her. I’d rather she be her true self than hiding under what I don’t know and deceiving young women.”

Mmiliaku Genevieve said:

“I wish her nothing but the very best.
I hope this one works out well for them and they live forever after in peace and love.”

Omalicha Cee Ezeugwu said:

“I like her! No time to waste time! Who staying miserable and wailing about epp? Babe be doing what makes her happy mehn”

Buchi Stein Omezue said: “If you praised Megan and reminded naija people that oyibo people think differently, that a divorcee can still get happily married but you turn around to bash Amara then the thunder that will faya you will wear bling bling.

You told us having kids for another man shouldn’t stop a woman from getting married. Divorced women should be happily married too. That if Megan and Harry were Nigerians that we would have kicked against the marriage because we’d call her second hand. Now you’re screaming Amara is in her third marriage, all of a sudden divorced women have no right to remarry. Your brain is leaking.

You want to know my take on this? I’m of the opinion that…. I’m coming let me boil hot water.”




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    The Buchi person has spoken my mind.

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