The kind of people every woman should have in her life

If you have someone in your life you can vent to without fear of your words being used against you, keep them close.

If you have someone you can cry with when the challenges of life are too much without feeling ashamed, keep them close.

If you have someone you can bare your soul to without feeling the need to form like you do around others, keep them in your life.

If you have someone who listens without judging you, keep them close

If you have someone you can laugh with, play with and goof around with when things go right without being afraid of them destroying your joy, keep them close.

If you have a friend you can tell any good news without fearing they might stab you in the back and destroy your happiness, keep them in your life.

These days, many people are so fake with their plastic smiles masking their dark hearts that you don’t know where you stand with them.

You can’t even trust some family members not to destroy you. They will be the ones shouting ‘blood is thicker than water’ while stabbing you in the back.

But if you are at peace with someone that you can share your highs and lows with as well as your joy and sorrows genuinely, don’t let them go.

They are your soul mates. You need them in your journey through life’s many detours and turns.

You need them to continue to be your strength and cheer you on. Love and cherish them.

Don’t let stories about them turn you against them when they have not given you any reason to doubt their loyalty.

Listen to your instincts. They never lie. Your instincts tell you the truth about your soul mates.

If you have such people in your life, you are truly blessed. You will go through life free of unnecessary drama and with peace that cannot be measured.


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