7 dangers of wearing fake eyelashes all the time

Eyelashes grow at the edge of the eyelids and they protect the eyes from debris and other foreign elements that can harm the eyes.

Some women have full lashes while some have scanty lashes and wish to make the fuller. This is where false lashes come to the rescue. This beauty trend has taken over for some years now.

False lashes can make a woman have a sweet, glamorous appearance, but are false eyelashes safe? Is it ok to wear false eyelashes everyday? What are some of the health hazards of wearing false lashes often?

There are 7 artificial eyelashes side effects that women and young ladies should be aware of:

dangers of wearing false eyelashes all the time

Frequent use of false lashes can darken your Iris

Applying false lashes can permanently change the amount of brown pigmentation in the iris. This is one of eyelash extension dangers.

Regular usage can lead to blindness

Using artificial eye lashes all the time can cause blindness.

False lashes attract dirt and bacteria

False lashes make women beautiful but they can attract dirt and bacteria which are not good for the eyes.

False lashes can cause allergic reactions

Using false lashes can lead to allergic reactions of eyes and skin which can stem from the adhesive used to attach fake lashes to the lids. This is one of the dangers of fake eyelashes.

It can result in eye infections

False lashes cause an eye infection. Ladies should be careful about using false lashes all the time.

It can lead to loss of eyelashes

In some cases, your lashes can totally disappear forever. In other cases, the lashes come back after several months.

Harmful chemicals used to attach lashes can harm the eyes

The adhesives used by beauty salons contain formaldehyde which can have detrimental health effects.

While false lashes make you look beautiful and fabulous, avoid fixing them often because of the health implications associated with frequent use.



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