Between Nigerian women and randy pastors

He is a respectable man. She is a married woman. He’s in a position of authority. She needed help. They met. They talked. Sparks started flying. Things got out of control. They had sex several times. They got carried away with lust. They didn’t care about hiding their affair.

Money was changing hands too. The woman was in love with him and was giving him money. She didn’t know that she was being played by a master of the game of deceit. He was just using sex to confuse her. He was after her money from the start.

Under the heat of passion, he persuaded her to invest in his work. He told her lovingly that what was his was hers, and she foolishly believed him. He drained her financially. He had access to her bank accounts and businesses running into millions. He milked her dry and dumped her. Today, she is begging him to give her a little out of her own money to keep body and soul together.

She lost everything. Her husband divorced her. She doesn’t have a roof over her head. Her business is no longer thriving. She foolishly left her investments in the hands of a con man who claims he’s a pastor. She built a massive church auditorium for him and he paid her back by swindling her. She went from seeking the blessing of the fruit of the womb to being penniless and lost because of her pastor.

I know someone who is trying so hard to get a pastor off her back. This pastor of a big church in Lagos has been singing sweet things into her ears for two years now. He claims he loves her and wants her to have a son for him. He says his wife who has four girls can’t give him a son, so he needs a woman who will give him a son to carry on his name when he finally departs this world.

This pastor wants this young lady to be exclusively his. He wants to rent her a beautiful apartment, buy her a car and get a driver for her. He said he would open a business for her and will be depositing a certain amount into her account monthly and all she has to do is agree to be his side chic and have a son for him.

Between Nigerian women and randy pastors

There’s another woman who discovered that her pastor was nothing but a liar, a cheat and a swindler. He would call her husband and tell him terrible things about the wife. Husband would go back home and start fighting his wife. Wife would run to her pastor for advice and counselling. Pastor would fill her head with terrible stories about her husband too. Couple will continue fighting with each other without the knowledge that they are being played by the same man.

One day, pastor told wife that she should stop wasting time with her bad husband and be his mistress. Wife refused. Pastor ran off to tell husband that wife was having an affair and that’s why she has been misbehaving. Husband threw wife’s things out and told her family that their marriage was over. Wife cried and begged husband to listen to her but he refused.

Wife went back to pastor to plead with him to tell her husband the truth. Pastor told her that he would only do that if she agreed to be his mistress and have sex with him. What pastor didn’t know is that their conversation was being recorded. He kept telling the woman how terrible her husband was and that if she would just give him a chance, he would treat her better than the beast she married.

Woman told pastor that she would think about it and give him an answer in three days. Pastor was happy. His face lit up in excitement. He smiled at her, rubbed his palms together in anticipation and prayed for her to make the right decision. She left the church and sent her husband the recording. Husband listened to the recording and went crazy.

He called his wife back and they met somewhere. That was when he started telling her everything pastor told him about her and how he was collecting huge sums of money from him in the process of praying for his marriage. Wife also confessed to husband how pastor has been telling her terrible things about husband. She was also giving him money to pray for her turbulent marriage.

Husband and wife decided to set up pastor. Wife called pastor to say she has agreed to be his mistress and she can’t wait to have sex with him. Pastor praised the Lord for granting his wish to have sex with another man’s wife. They planned to meet somewhere but woman’s husband showed up there instead.

Pastor was shocked. He tried to wriggle out of the situation but he couldn’t dispute the evidence. He didn’t know that the woman recorded their conversations and saved his text messages. She also had pictures of his penis he sent her. That was how his game was discovered. Man begged his wife for forgiveness and wife also apologized to her husband. They are still together today.

Last week, Nigerian musician TimiDakolo posted coded messages about a popular Abuja Pastor who has been sleeping with female church members and getting away with it. He insinuated that this pastor has been doing this for a long time but the victims have refused to speak out because they are afraid of what people will say.

Many people who commented on that post pointed fingers at one pastor who was mentioned in a young lady’s confession some years back. This lady claimed that she was having an affair with the pastor for a while and they even met abroad to have sex and enjoy some good times. When she dropped this confession, many Nigerians came for her. They called her Jezebel and agent of Satan for trying to destroy a man of God’s reputation.

Why do many Nigerians make excuses for these men of God who have sex with their female church members? Are these men not human beings first with flesh and blood and lustful desires? Does being men of God give them the right to do whatever they want because they know their flocks will support them? Are these men really preaching the gospel or preaching with their penises?

What will make a man of God sexually molest girls who are brought to him for prayers? How do these men pray and lift up holy hands before God after committing adultery and fornication with their church members? Why do many of these men swindle rich women? What is really going on in some churches these days?

Women, any pastor who tells you to have sex with him so that God can bless you with children is a fraud, expose him and run as fast as your legs can carry you. Any man of God who touches you inappropriately should receive thunderous slaps.

We should stop making excuses for these wolves in sheep’s clothing and start exposing them for who they truly are. These men need to stopped and dealt with so that they will stop destroying the lives of women and girls. If a man of God sexually molests a minor, he should be reported to the police and jailed.

If a man of God sexually exploits and swindles his female church member, she should report him to the police and have him pay for his crimes. This is not a ‘Touch not mine anointed’ matter, when the anointed commits a crime, he should do the time. Enough is enough!

These pastors should stop playing God because Nigerians are not treating their fuck-ups.


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