Ese Walter shares experience with stranger that left her speechless

A stranger begged Ese Walter to help him charge his phone in her taxi and after that, she had a strange encounter with this stranger.

Ese Walter wrote:

“Just before I closed work yesterday, I was sitting in the parked car with my sister and a friend, when this dude showed up asking to charge his phone as he was stranded and needed the phone back on to make an official call.

It was such a strange request I almost said no. I told him we were leaving in 5 minutes and he said 5 minutes was more than enough as he just needed the phone back up.

I collect his phone and connect it to my charger in the car. I felt something off about this stranger’s request but thought, it’s just to charge 5 minutes and I am not alone. So, safe.

Five minutes later I’m ready to leave so I hand Mr man his phone. He introduced himself and I responded by handing him a LIYAH taxi complimentary card. At this point, my sister and my friend step out of my car as they are going to a different direction from me.

“You run a taxi service?” Asked mr stranger.

“Yes and I drive a taxi too.” I replied.

“You do? Wow!”

“Yes, this is my taxi and 6PM is my closing time so bye bye.”

“Sorry, may I know your name? My girlfriend will really like you. She likes women like you.”

“Women like me?”

He leans closer to my window and almost whispers, “are you the boy or girl?”

“Excuse me? Boy?”

“Yes, you know what I mean.”

“Errrh, actually I don’t know what you mean.”

“Common! The leg chain, nose ring, low cut… I bet you have waist beads on. My girlfriend told me the code.”

“What code?”

“That 95% of girls who wear leg chains are lesbian or bi. And I think you are the “guy” because of your looks and demeanor. She is the girly girl and likes women like you.”

“Ok, I need to go now.”

I start backing up.

“Please don’t be offended or scared. That leg chain and the nose ring is a strong sign. Plus you cut your hair low… I know my girlfriend will like you.”


I drive off.

Wondering, “what just happened?” 🤕

©Ese Walter

But how does charging one’s phone translate to this interrogation about nose rings, ankle bracelets and gold hair? Some people need to stop the unhealthy stereotyping of other human beings.


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