10 signs you are not your man’s priority

When you are dating a man, you should be his priority. It hurts when you are not a priority in his life. It is not too much for you to be number one in your man’s life.

Aside his relationship with God, his parents, siblings, job or business and his health, you should be a priority in your boyfriend’s or husband’s life.

Your man shouldn’t be treating you like you don’t exist. As a woman, you deserve better. You might not be a priority in his life because your man isn’t putting enough effort into your relationship.

If you are with a man and you rarely feel loved and special, you are not his priority. It stings when you are not a priority in your husband’s life.

Here are 10 signs you are an option not a priority:

He doesn’t make time for you

You should know that there’s a difference between not having time and not making time. Even the busiest person can make out time for his partner when his partner matters to him. Your man should spend time with you and listen to the things you have to say no matter how busy he is.

He wants things his way all the time

If your partner is very pushy about having things his way without considering your suggestions, you are not on top of his list. If he always pushes for you both to go the restaurant he wants to eat at, to go see the movie he wants to see, and go on the vacation he wants to take, you are like a stranger in the relationship. It means he is 9only concerned about his satisfaction.

10 signs you are not your man’s priority

He never makes plans with you

If that man you are dating gets a day off or a vacation, and makes plans with everyone else but you, then he sees those people as more important to him than you. If his friends and family get all his time, and you get the scraps, you are not close to the top on his list of important people. A man who truly loves and values you should make plans with you or at least inform you of his plans.

He makes you feel single in the relationship

When a woman says, ‘I am not a priority to my boyfriend’, I feel for her. It hurts when you feel lonely with a man in your life. If you feel like your relationship is over even though you are still in a relationship, it says a lot about where you are on your partner’s list of what matters.

He hasn’t introduced you to anyone in his life

You know he is serious about you when he takes you home to meet his family. If you have been together for a while, you should at least know a few people in your man’s life including his friends and family members. They should at least have heard about you too.

He doesn’t make efforts to meet your needs

Your man should care about your needs, and honestly work to see that they are met. Even though it is impossible for him to meet your needs all the time, he should put in efforts and try to meet them. If he isn’t willing to put in consistent effort after you have spoken to him, he is not prioritizing your needs or your relationship.

He doesn’t make special occasions special

In relationships, special occasions matter. Sometimes, it’s not about the gift, it’s about the effort your man puts into making you feel special. If he forgets your birthday or the anniversary of your relationship and doesn’t buy you gifts to make up for his indiscretion, you are not important to him.

He is always late without reasons

When your man is late all the time without a reasonable excuse, he is not that into you. When a man stands you up, you are not on top of the list in his life. Being timely is a sign of respect and being late means you are not important enough for him to prioritize your agreed meeting time.

He uses you for sex

A committed partner is more than a bed warmer, a weekend fling, or the occasional booty call. If he cares truly about you, he will spend a lot of time with you in public and with your clothes on. He won’t only concerned about how to have sex with you or hide your relationship. He will be excited to learn what makes you tick and spend time getting to know the real you. This is how to become a priority in his life.

He doesn’t mind disappointing you

If your man is willing to disappoint you without shaking, he is showing you that you are that important to him. When you tell your man that e hurt you and he is not interested in apologizing and doesn’t care about your feelings, you should know your place in his life. If you are not feeling loved in a relationship, you need to leave.


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