Nigerian singer Simi comes for Nigerian leaders, calls them wicked and despicable

Nigerian musician Simi recently blasted greedy, selfish and wicked Nigerian leaders who have no intentions of improving the lives of Nigerians.

Simi said: “If you are in a position of power, responsible for the well-being of citizens and capable of making a difference but choose instead to be indifferent, and to not recognize and respect the value of the people you claim to lead, you are despicable. And wicked and sad.”

Even if the rest of the world undermines us and treats us badly, WHY CAN’T WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN? What kind of selfishness is this?

Other nations cater for their own, protect their own. Value their own. But we have these self-centered, money-hungry, mind-blind, visionless people that fight for leadership positions only to fill their pockets and make a mockery of all of us.

Singer simi comes for Nigerian leaders

The world laughs at us and thinks we’re lesser than them. Grown men fighting in the Senate house. Presidency badmouthing the youth to international media.

When it’s not the government, it’s the average man stealing from his brother. Killing his brother. Not fighting for his neighbour. Not edifying his neighbour, which way?

Oh ye leaders of today, what legacy are you trying to leave behind? I’m so mad! Why are you chasing away the people that have potential to edify this nation to places where they’re not even respected or seen as priority?

Why don’t we love ourselves enough. Why? I’m so upset! You have us looking for love in all wrong places. Ugh!

Someone responded thus:

I think the only reason why our leaders/government decided not to make this country a better place is because they wanted to tame us. We have given them power to do whatever they want with us, Imagine if everyone enjoys 24hrs electricity, good road infrastructure and a very good education and everyone has a better job or a good business , who are they going to give 1000 Naira to during election or who are they going to give one kongo of rice 🍚? Who are they going to use as their thugs ? What are they going to use as their manifestos during campaign ? And so on .

Now our leaders are even harassing the youth with police so that the fear can settle deep down inside us and we can respect them more. As much as I love this country, I wish it never existed and I deeply blamed my parents for not consulting me first before they decided to conceive me because I would have asked them, hey which country are you from? If nah Naija, I no dey go abeg.


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