10 ways you might be sabotaging your relationship

Do you know that you might be sabotaging your relationship with your actions? Even though you desire to be happy, you might be subconsciously sabotaging your relationship. Sometimes, you might be the cause your relationship is not working out.

Sabotaging a relationship subconsciously is the reality of some women. They cause problems for themselves and turn around to cry if things go south.

If there have been times your partner complained of you being mean to them, you may need to ask yourself some hard questions. There may be signs you are self sabotaging your relationship.

Here are some signs of sabotaging relationships you should be aware of:

Being too busy

If you are too busy for the person you are dating, how do you expect your relationship to progress? If you purposefully fill up your schedule without considering whether your partner wants to hang out with you, you are hurting your relationship.

Being distant when your partner is in pain

If you don’t comfort your partner when they are in pain, you are sabotaging your relationship. If your partner wants to go out because they are depressed, and rather than offering to go with them, you insist to hang out when they are feeling better, you should watch your actions.

10 signs you might be sabotaging your relationship

Interacting with your exes

You engage in inappropriate activity with your exes. This might include sending and receiving flirtatious messages from your exes going out with them without telling your partner. Intentionally sabotaging relationships can occur with small unchecked actions.

Withholding compliments

If you think nice things about your partner but you don’t say them, what is your aim? You shouldn’t leave your partner wondering how much you love them. If you withhold compliments, you might be hiding from committing to your partner.

You miss in action without explanations

While dating someone, you just don’t disappear without explanations or reasons. This doesn’t mean you should be calling or texting each other throughout the day, but your partner must know your whereabouts.

Flirting with the opposite sex

You don’t cheat, but you flirt with the opposite sex. You may not have sex with someone else, but you don’t go out of your way to make your partner feel special and exclusive.

Calling your partner clingy for caring

If your partner wants to comfort you during a hard time or tries to be there for you when you are down and you accuse him or her of being clingy, you are sabotaging your relationship.

Hiding personal matters

You neglect to tell the person you are dating when something major happens in your life. If your partner has to find out from somebody else, this doesn’t exactly make them feel included in your life.

Refusing to admit when you are hurt

If your partner accidentally hurts you or lets you down, and you don’t tell them, what do you think will happen to your relationship?  Even when they ask you if they offended you, you say no yet, you are dying of resentment towards them. Ask yourself, ‘Why am I sabotaging my relationship?’

Being so sensitive

If you are overly sensitive, and always taking something your partner says completely the wrong way, you don’t mean well for your relationship. Understand what your partner is saying and stop starting fights over unnecessary issues.



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