Why do people only show love to the dead?

Why do people only show love to the dead? I always hear that life is short. People say it. I have said it too. We all know we are going to die someday but recently I have been thinking a lot about life, death, loss, grief, pain and suffering.

Is it not funny that when someone is alive, you fight with them, argue with them, get angry with them, refuse to make peace with them, plot against their success, block their path to the top, talk people out of helping them, refuse to support their business, tarnish their reputation, gossip about them, but when they suddenly drop dead, you start crying?

How come people only show love to the dead? How come you suddenly love this person so much that you splash their pictures all over social media claiming you spoke with them last week, three days ago and blablabla yet you couldn’t stand them when they were alive?

Why do people only show love to the dead

How is it easy to celebrate the death of a person that you even refused to felicitate with while they were alive? Why is it easy to talk about how good, nice, sweet and loving a person is when they are dead? What purpose will it serve if you didn’t do so while they were alive?

If you are reading this, I will remind you that life is indeed short. Live your life well. Stop thinking so much about what other people think about you, your decisions and your actions. Enjoy your life because one day, you won’t have it anymore.

Go for the things you want. Do things that set your heart and soul on fire. Start that business. If people refuse to support you or cheer for you, be your own cheerleader. But don’t stop living the life you want because of other people.

Choose you. Forget about what this society expects from you, you will die trying to please everyone. Do these people you are breaking your back for truly care about you or they are just putting up with you because of the things they get from you?

When you die, they will splash your pictures everywhere shedding crocodile tears and writing meaningless tributes. Even people who pretend not to see you when you truly needed their help will be forming sad too. But you would have been gone, cold and dead.

Live your life well. People easily forget the dead. Forget all the talks and tributes, life goes on for the living but did you truly live the life of your dreams? Would you look down on earth and smile and say, ‘I lived my best life’.


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